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    What are the chances of survival of Nawaz Sharif? Keeping in view the following factors, I must say his chances of survival are pretty good.

    1.He belongs to Punjab

    2.Still a large population, mostly from Punjab supports him

    3.He still enjoys the confidence of his allies. They are damn good in creating a situation where it is very difficult to distinguish what is a lie and what is the truth.

    4. He and his allies are very good in playing Punjabi card. They won the elections by using that card. They will use it again to save their leader at any cost.

    5.He should still be enjoying certain faction of Army by default. He won the elections with their blessings. What can be the reason for not supporting now?

    6.Judiciary in higher courts would still support him, most of judges of higher courts were appointed by his approval and blessings. Why should not they support him in hour of need?

    7.Last but not the least, people should not forget that there is hell of a difference between Prime Minister belonged to Lahore and Prime Minister belonged to Larkana, Sanghar or New Jatoi.

    I must say he will survive all the odds and emerge again as Sher-e-Punjab.


    Farid, you need to come out of this Punjabi phobia of yours and contribute something positive for once. It is people like you, full of hatred and prejudice which have brought our nation to the state where it is today. The quicker you realise this the better it will be for Pakistan, and before you get carried away too much the biggest resistance to Zia's rule came from Punjab. You need to think in terms of Pakistan and not Punjabis, Sindhis, Balouchi etc. Please spare me your details regrding the "excesses" of Punjabis which you have posted many times before. May God guide you and your mind in the right direction.



      The above equation is valid for every being and not being, or god and devil.

      Fata Morgana