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What is wrong with this picture?

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    What is wrong with this picture?

    What would happen if,
    The CE declares , Pakisntan as a Secular democratic state with sole aim of providing, security , justice and prosperity to her citizens.Where all religions are equal , and practice is a matter of choice...
    Would this be against the spirit of the ideology of pakistan.

    Dear Nova,

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. It will be the most desirable situation where everyone is given equal rights.

    The question is whether such an opportunity will make people others hate less? I have mixed feelings about that.

    Some people always find reasons to hate others that are not like them? Hate based upon color, creed, caste, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or prejudice based upon any other criterion is unjustifiable.

    Although the concept of hate itself can be explained, what is sickening is the justification by hate mongers about why people should be hated. These haters justify hate sometimes by trying to reason and use “political motivation”, or “economic consideration” as a reason. Fine. But does the reasons justify the hate dispensed?

    Let’s see. If a group of people is persecuted (simply by believing in something different) by another group of people. Call it groups (G) givers and (R) receivers. Do we need to go into a metaphysical and discarnate explanations to justify hate by G? Can we simply say that G is monstrous and the hate it dispenses is unjustifiable under any circumstances?

    Do we say that R should be persecuted because G is delivering hate to R because R did such and such?

    I guess if we are sincere about fighting prejudice and hatred, we can come up (as easily as we come up with rationalization of actions) with ways to fight it.

    The question is are we ready?

    By the way, this is exactly in line with why Pakistan was created in the first place. A place for all to live in peace and prosper together.


      This is what Jinnah wanted


        This is what Pakistan should be.


          I think Pakistan had had enuf of religion based politics and it completely failed to give Pakistan any identity on the geo-political horizon of the globe. It has really gone in the worst direction since Zia's exploitation of Islam as a means for him to stay around. The religious parties have failed to deliver and are busy croping religious hatred & intolerance; a trend getting more roots since early 80s.


            The problem with religious based politics is that vital energy gets wasted in sectarian squabbling and the important issues of government are neglected. Take Sipah-e-Sahaba for example. They can quote holy verses at will but how many of them could fly the planes necessary to engage in the wars they are advocating? The truth is they are not competent to run the country and they and their likes are dependent on the educated people of Pakistan to actually run the country while they end up shooting their own citizens.

            There used to be a time when Jews used to flee to muslim countries to escape prosecution. At the moment though I am of the opinion that the best way forward is a secular country as described by Nova and as long advocated by NYA. The benefits are;

            1) All the citizens could feel equal and even if that is the case today, that is not the impression given by implementing partial islam.

            2) The people would stop resenting Islam and would no longer be able to blame it for the root of their problem. In fact this is a good smokescreen for people like Nawaz Sharif who bring in the odd Sharia Bill and then loot the exchequer undercover.

            3) Non-islam is better than a mutated islam. In the real islam the state was responsible for providing the citzens with basic amenities and enough to eat and live on so there would be no need to steal. There was no need to cut hands, it didn't happen. Nowadays the country is economically weak so it isn't fair that the poor should pay the price for the looting of the Feudals.

            Like I said in another post. Let's get the priorities right first. And I also agree with Achtung that it won't be a big jump but a gradual process. We don't need the slogans of islam. We need the substance. That means truth, accountability, justice, and reasonable prosperity for the citzens of the nation. If secularism can provide this then though it might not be the legal definition of islam, at least the spirit will be closer to the ideal.

            A word of caution though; it will then be up to the secularists to uphold their ideals and show some progress. Get rid of the half-baked Shariah bills so that the secular constitution can stand on it's own two feet without a convenient get-out clause (islam) if things don't go right. we can't afford a repeat of the Benazir era which set the country back decades.


              when all of us agree.....What makes it so difficult for ppl in the position to do somehting to actually do it...