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    Please READ and Do something.

    Please READ and Do something
    Unearthing of KILLING FIELD in
    Mirpur Section -D (Muslim Bazar), Dhaka, Bangladesh

    On 27 July 1999 a killing field from the 1971 Genocide committed by the Pakistani Forces was discovered. The Liberation War Museum has taken the initiative for an extensive excavation of the area to find the remains of the victims of the Genocide. So far 5 sculls and over 500 small and big bones have been discovered. A team of Doctors under the leadership of Dr. M.A.Hasan has been assigned to make initial identification and do necessary examinations. All scientific and medical facilities will be utilized to find the evidences and clues leading to the identity of individuals and the cause and time of their death. Initial examinations have given us enough evidence to claim they were the victims of the 1971 Genocide committed by the Pakistan Forces. We have set up a team of legal experts to proceed to the International Court to take this evidence to prove the Genocide and make those responsible for the crime punished.

    We have reasons to believe there are quite a few killing fields and spots within a 1000-yard of this location. We are investigating the spots to verify the location and facts. Once we have authentic information we plan to excavate those spots to recovers the remains of the Martyrs and other evidences of the Genocide committed by Pakistan Army.

    We are requesting for international observers to visit this spot to verify for themselves the facts proving the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Forces and their agents in 1971. So far there was a 'Denial of Genocide' by the International Forum drummed up by the Pakistan Government. We appeal to all conscientious people of the World to find the truth and help us do it.

    In a response to the Liberation War Museum the Bangladesh Army began assisting with the excavation work from August 12 1999. With their sophisticated instruments and discipline the work is progressing in a systematic way. They have been able to detect and recover a few bullets with marking of Pakistan Ordinance Factory (dated 1964,66 and 67) and other metallic remnants of weapons. The contingent of the Bangladesh Army has been working with great determination and zeal and the Citizens have warmly welcomed their assistance in this worthy cause.


    A group of medical Doctors, Radiologists and Forensic experts have done a preliminary examinations of the human remains (sculls, bones, hair, etc.) so far recovered from the Muslim Bazar (Mirpur) excavation site. From the first batch of 216 intact bones and broken pieces they estimate those belong to 7 bodies. They have identified 4 scull (upper portion) four jaws (lower portion). Of these only one pair of jaw and scull match. We can deduce from this that we are yet to recover 3 more sculls. That brings the total number to 7.

    Their are 21 long bones, of them 6 seem to belong to one person. Since others belong to different persons they couldn't be matched but seems to be of 6 different people. Of the bones found one belongs to a woman aged between 25-35. The rest are of men aged between 25-35 and their heights verifying between 5'6" to 5'10". Examining the teeth the experts deducted none of them had the habit of chewing betel leaf, Jarda or Tobacco and seems to belong to Urban Bengalees (Bangladeshi). Teeth formation, head formation (Brachy Cephilic) height, clothes attached to the bones, footwear and other utensils found around indicates the remains Bengalees (Bangladeshis). Their is also a strong historical fact that in 1971 this area being in close proximity to the Dhaka Cantonment and with heavy concentration of non Bengalees was used by Pakistan Army to commit such crimes away from any unfriendly witnesses.

    The Pakistan Army fed the non-Bengalees with such propaganda as the Bengalees being anti Islam and that if Bangladesh became independent they (non-Bengalees, who originally came from India after 1960 and where settled in this area in the suburb of Dhaka) will be rootless. Their are signs of bullet injuries in four sculls, one at the lower part of the spinal cord (sacrum), one hip bone and one in the shoulder blade (scapula). Besides other bones have evidences of injuries. One scull shows signs of a sharp weapon were shoved inside the eye socket. Most of the shoulder blades are broken showing sign of some forced being used.

    Further sophisticated tests like Carbon testing, DNA Tests, advanced Forensic Test and graphic super imposition to identify the victims and the cause of their death needs to be done. These tests need to be done abroad. We need assistance from humanitarian organizations those are equipped to deal in this matter.

    Please let the World know and help us find the truth.

    Akku Chowdhury
    Liberation War Museum
    5 Segun Bagicha Dhaka 1000
    Phone: 880-2 955 9091
    Fax: 880-2 955 9092
    e-Mail: [email protected]

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      Brother who betrays other brother is no brother but ENEMY and we delt with that pretty good....see ya

      Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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        Sarwar quoted: "So far there was a 'Denial of Genocide' by the International Forum drummed up by the Pakistan Government."

        Denial of the international community who makes the assessment of what is to be termed a 'genocide' and what is not, did not feel that these findings were worthy of that label? Is that correct?

        Why did they find this? I'm interested in their findings, before I support this. Perhaps they had legitimate reason to believe that these findings were not credible. I don't think they dismiss these things lightly. They normally consider them very carefully. And at least if they do not label such instances a genocide, they will label them crimes against humanity.

        I'm not supporting what happened in 1971, on both sides of the border, what I'm doing is questioning these particular findings, the way the international forum did, and I suggest others do the same. Better to be skeptical in these cases...




          This is the most disgusting thing to say. Are you saying that if your own brother betrays you, you will kill him and rape his wife and minor daughters? Man you are sick!!


          FARID M