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Will a secular/democratic Pakistan stop military coups?

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  • sajjadm
    Who says Pakistan is secular and democratic country, they fight amongst themselves (Shia & Sunni), why are you raping the meaning of Secular and Democracy. Only India & USA understands the meaning of Secular and Democracy.

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  • Will a secular/democratic Pakistan stop military coups?

    Till now the odds are not that good, in Turkey Kamal Ata Turk was there for 15 years, another coup in 1960 , the last coup or takeover by Gen. Kenan in 80s. Libya, Qazzafi is in power since 1969, in Syria Hafiz-ul-Asad is in power for the last 29 years. So its not the secular form of govt. that we need, its more than that.
    The three countries mentioned are the most secular in the Islamic world but secular form of govt. dosent mean that it will change the gut islamic feeling of appointing our selves as head of states. We as people and as leaders support the one man show because of our love for the khalifs, which in true sense are appointed not elected. So as soon as they takeover the govt. the next thing they want is to become presidents for life.
    Even a democratic pakistan will not be able to stop the coups, untill we dont change the basic islamic idealogy of being Amir-ul-Momineen. There is history of democratically elected heads of states in the islamic countries which were/are there for ages. This is what needs to be changed. We need
    democracy without this idealogy. The military schools should now stop teaching how to become Amir-ul-Momineen.