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    Ultimate prestige...

    For a Pakistani , what should be the ultimate word...
    The Koran....or
    The Constitution of Pakistan...

    First of alll Islam does not alow NATIONALISM...EX. pakistani, bangli, egyptian, saudi, etc. THOSE NAMEs DOES NOT EXIST IN ISLAM. no matter who you are, color, ancesterial back ground under islam you are equal. FOR A MUSLIM ONLY QURAN IS Ultimate prestige, and not constitution of pakistan, which have been kicking them for last 50 years.


    Till next time***K_I_S_S***



      Jawan: Pakistan is not a land for muslims only.



        Pakistan is a secular country and based on that the ultimate authority should be the Law of the Land.

        Whether the constitution is the appropriate document is debatable. Subsequent goverenments have deformed this document so much that it is barely recognizable and nor does it hold value.

        Pakistan should adopt something similar to the United States Bill of Rights. These offer in many respects the very best of Islamic rights to everyone in the United States.

        Why is it that we are at a point in history that the West has taken every thing good about Islam and applied it to their communities and we have going deeper and deeper into isolation in the name of tradition and Islam? Why is it that the Islam practiced in the context of politics in Muslim countries resembles nothing of what the Prophet taught us.

        My point is best illustrated by the discriminatory practices of the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

        I look forward to your comments

        Imad Khan
        Senior Market Strategist
        Aegis Financial, LLC



          Existence of Nationalism is very natural among nations. That's how we got Pakistan at the first place. One's natural tendency in affliating to his/her country of birth and idenfication as a member of society is quite natural. However, at collective level (i.e. at global level) extreme nationalistic idealogy leads to what Hitler did which is absolutely immoral on the other hand. And I think that's the level of nationalism Islam prohibits and deters.

          There is nothing wrong in identifying oneself as Punjabi, Sindhi, or Baluchi since the underlying geographic areas have their own unique, rich cultures and people relate and practise them. And that's the very basis of diversity among people. Nonetheless, when this geographic and cultural distinction crosses the bounderies and revolts prejudice only then it is undersirable. Realistically, you can't stop people from relating to their cultures and geographic identities, you just don't want it to get to the point where it becomes deteriarating to the very existence of the nation itself. Elimination of nationalism right from the very roots is an extreme view of the concept that Islam offers.


          That's absolutely true.


          Totally agree to your view on Bill of Rights. Good point on
          ...and we have going deeper and deeper into isolation in the name of tradition and Islam?
          But I don't think your saying of Pakistan IS a secular country is true. If you say Pakistan SHOULD be a secular country then that's a different thing. Now, whether or not there is any deformity in the constitution of Pakistan in terms of any contextual meanings to what it should proclaim, if it declares the country as Islamic, then that's what it is.

          Also, aside from the debate on what it should represent and whether or not its dictation is practised to its fullest essence, it is still the highest-level official document. And you can't deny what it defines unless and until it is changed.


            I'm going to move this to politics..please respond there.

            Oh in case you are wondering there a couple of threads in general that I'm not sure where they belong and...I allowing the conversation to develop before I move it.


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              What comes to my mind? “Pressure Cooker”.

              Yes, Prestige is a “Pressure Cooker” made in Gujranwala, Pakistan. It is as good as imported pressure cookers. Trust me!

              Comparing Constitution of Pakistan with Quran is like comparing PakooRas with Gulab Jamins. There should simply be no comparison of the two. Sometimes you feel like having a PakooRa, and sometimes sweets, depending on the time of the day and the situation. Quran is divine, and is for personal and spiritual guidance for Muslims, and the Constitution is a document that provides a framework of laws that govern us. Both are equally prestigious in their respective settings. Some may argue that why not make Quran the Constitution? Then the debate will take a totally different effervescence. I would argue that it shouldn’t. We should keep religion out of governance.



                Why is it that we are at a point in history that the West has taken every thing good about Islam and applied it to their communities and we have going deeper and deeper into isolation in the name of tradition and Islam?
                That's an interesting observation. Care to clarify it?



                  guess what? Prestige pressure cooker is pretty popular this side of the border too, made locally though. and yeah, it's as good as imported brands...

                  About Qur'an and the constitution, i feel it's always better to keep religion out of politics as it's a very easy thing to misuse.
                  Simple ain't easy.


                    Dear Queer, does your come with double safety features? (1) It won’t open until completely depressurized; and (2) adjusts the release should the water be completely evaporated. I think not. May be so. But Gujranwala pressure cookers have made a pretty good name for themselves. They are in high demand in the Arabian Gulf states, as some of that camel meat is really very hard to tenderize. The sad part is that some Pakistanis still buy those fancy looking Japanese or German pressure cookers, just because they come in a nicer packaging and have a picture of a Blond on the box (so everyone who uses them will eventually transform into a Gori. Anyway, it’s good to know that both India and Pakistan are self sufficient in this technology. It is actually quite an environment friendly cooking tool. It requires less energy (in the shape of heat) and less time preparing meals. I believe it should be made ‘Lazmi’ (mandatory) for curry cooking that requires so much energy and time and has resulted in de-forestation in our nations, as well as taking up valuable time of our women who could be doing other chores, e.g., doing laundry (in National Washing Machine, also made in Gujranwala). But that is a different debate.


                      NYA, interesting , I mean the Presser Cooker thing. I am just trying to relate it to the topic of this thread. You said something about 'Pakoras' and 'GulabJamuns'.........!!


                        NYAhmadi, even though you are little bitter, but I'd say to you, "Well Said!"

                        Its hard to know when to say good bye


                          No no no......NYAhmadi.

                          I disagree with you. I think that it is "baasmati". No one in the world grows better "baasmati" than Pakistan. You guys should be proud of it. Heck with it , I am not even a Pakistani but I am really proud of it!

                          CM - Loves Baasmati chaul!




                            the Prestige cooker out here comes with three safety features - some gasket release valve, low melting alloy pressure relievant and doesn't open if pressure inside is high. But what i liked about the cooker was the TV and radio ad that used to be common once. It was pretty melodious and i sorta miss it !

                            Your post was the most hilarious But i wonder if Nova's smiling.. sorry nova for the distraction.
                            Simple ain't easy.


                              Thanx Queer,
                              The phenomenon of distraction is interesting in itself......when the issue is complex , we rae distracted rather easily.....