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India to ignore Musharraf's hawkish stance on relations

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    India to ignore Musharraf's hawkish stance on relations

    India to ignore Musharraf's hawkish stance on relations
    In a strong disapproval of General Parvez Musharraf`s offer of talks couched in hawkish language, India today stated that the least the new military ruler could do to promote dialogue was to create the ''right atmosphere.``

    Reacting to Gen Musharraf`s ''hostility to hostility and peace to peace`` approach towards India spelled out at his maiden press conference yesterday, an External Affairs Ministry spokesman said here today that India did not wish to match the ''strident language`` of Pakistan.

    ''Without attempting to match any stridency of language, there is need to draw attention to India`s abiding desire to build a relationship of peace and friendship with Pakistan based on principles,`` the spokesman told reporters.

    New Delhi`s abiding desire to build peace and friendship with Pakistan based on principles however remained, the spokesman said.

    India had genuinely made peace overtures by putting in place the composite dialogue process and this was reinforced by Prime Minister Vajpayee`s visit to Lahore. But Pakistan went back on its policy and started hostilities towards India when its armed forces made intrusions in Kargil.

    This was not just a violation of the Line of Control but a betrayal of trust, the spokesman said. India however remained committed to peace and friendship with Pakistan and harboured no enmity.

    He stressed that ''Pakistan must, therefore, facilitate a restoration of trust through actions, abandon its state-sponsored cross-border terrorism against India in J and K and other parts of the country and it must also cease hostile Anti- India propaganda.``

    The Pakistani ruler had during the press meet reiterated his offer for talks with India to find a solution for the Kashmir issue.

    After the coup he is thinking he is become the Allah of Pakistan another corrupt leader.