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Indian-Pakistani marriages

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    Indian-Pakistani marriages

    Pakistan under Gen. Zia banned the granting of Pakistani citizenship to any children born to a Pakistani woman who had dared marry a non-Pakistani man.

    Pakistan government made no similar rule for the male species

    The law is very much similar to Islamic law, where a Muslim man could marry a non-Muslim woman and then convert her to Islam, but a Muslim women should never marry a Non-Muslim man and accept his religion.

    The ordinance was meant to ensure that no Indian spies got into our beloved land under false pretences. "You see Indians and Pakistanis look so much al like, that Pakistan had to make a special rule about citizenship."

    Only children born to Pakistani women who marry Indian men look like junior James bonds or future "RAW agents". The other way around, and the child is as pure as snow, a perfect Pakistani Muslim.

    Are there any such laws in India? Many Parsees from Karachi are getting married to Indians and becoming Indian citizens.

    Did not know this still in place?


      First off, I've never heard of this law...this is the first time. Secondly I don't agree with it if it does exist - its non-sense. Thirdly, the law I am sure has never been implemented, if it were we would have heard of it - I know many Pakistani women who have married non-Pakistani men. Finally, from an Islamic point of view the law makes no sense what so ever. Muslims come from different areas of the world, Allah has created this diversity in order for us to get to know one another.

      Muslim women are permitted to marry men, so long as they convert to Islam. Muslim men can marry women, both Muslim, and those who are People of the Book (Christians and Jews). If you wish to discuss the reasoning behind this logic, feel free to post your query in the religion section. I'll try to reply.

      The rest of the stuff you wrote isn't even worthy of comment.


      PS: Before you go around espousing your limited knowledge of Islam and Islamic law, please try to read the Quran.