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India's BJP-led alliance wins parliament majority

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    India's BJP-led alliance wins parliament majority

    NEW DELHI, Oct 7 - The alliance led by India's Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won 272 parliamentary seats, the majority required to rule, according to general election results broadcast by state television on Thursday.

    The government's National Informatics Centre said that Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's BJP and its allies were also leading in 20 constituencies where counting of votes was still under way.

    It said the opposition Congress party and its handful of allies had won 123 of the 543 seats at stake in the election, India's third since 1996, and was on course to win a further 13.

    Official results showed that, so far, the BJP alone had won 171 seats and was leading in the count for eight others.

    The list of new lawmakers is expected to be presented to President K.R. Narayanan on Sunday and a multi-party government led by 72-year-old Vajpayee's BJP is likely to be sworn in early next week.

    A minority coalition government led by the BJP collapsed in April after the Congress party and a raft of regional and leftist parties joined hands to defeat it in a parliamentary confidence vote. Those parties subsequently failed to put together an alternative administration, triggering a mid-term election.

    Once again a Hindu fundamentalist party has been voted to power by the people of India. At least now the Indians should stop trumpeting their secular credentials. It proves beyond any shadow of doubt that India is no longer secular. With all our faults, and there are many, we have never voted any fundamentalist party to power. This obviously has major implications on relations between Pakistan and India. A nationalist and fundamentalist government in India might only be too trigger happy to further enhance their nationalistic credentials with their own people.

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    Remember, it's the alliance, and not just the BJP. Muslim religious leaders had urged muslims to vote for the NDA, which is the alliance of which the BJP is a part.
    BJP had fielded muslim candidates too among those who have been elected.

    >With all our faults, we have never voted a fundamentalist party to power<
    The BJP has been quite secular at the centre. It's fundamentalist record compares favourably with Sharif's Shariat and Arabic education plans. BJP may be labelled fundamentalist by Indian standards, but it is enormously liberal by islamic nations' standards.

    BJP's nationalism is a good plus point that the congress was lacking.
    Simple ain't easy.


      I think main credit goes to Nawaz Sharif. If there was no Kargil, there was no victory for NDA.


        In fact, by Shariat standards, in no way can Pakistani govt be considered islamic. Remember, this is a govt which runs a state brewery and deals explicitly in interest. So it can only be described as secular. That's if we are using the literal terminology that you are using to apply to the BJP.


          Yes it is the NDA alliance which has won the election, but who holds sway in this alliance ----- BJP by far. BJP is a fundamentalist party by any standards. You probably watched BBC's interview with Advani a few hours ago where the BBC was discussing the same thing with BJP and asking Advani how will they push push forward their Hinduvta programme. Advani was having great difficulty in replying. As for muslims standing as BJP's candidates, there are plenty of Sikander Bakht's available. Are these muslim leaders sincere to their own kind? I remember reading India today after the demolishing of the Babri mosque, in which it was stated that all the muslim leaders which went to see the PM after the mosque incident never raised the issue with him as they were more concerned with keeping their own ministries than the plight of the muslims. With leaders like that does Indian muslims need enemies? Of course I am referring to Ghulam Nabi Azad, Najma Heptullah and Salman Khurshid. It was the Bombay MP Sunil Dutt who opened up his house to the muslims in Bombay during the riots and look what a heavy price was paid by his family in the shape of Sunjay Dutt's subsequent imprisonment.

          ZZ: I agree, Nawaz was partly responsible for BJP's victory. But then when has Nawaz has done anything which has been for the benefit of Pakistan.


            ehsan, if you feel that BJP victory will not help Pakistan, it is not duty of Indian voters to do things that will help Pakistan. They voted for govt. which won the war and looked competent. In fact govt. looked more competent after losing confidence motion than before.


              ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday congratulated Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on his party's general election victory, and said he hoped India and Pakistan would soon resume bilateral talks, it was reported.

              He further said that he hoped "better progress" would be made with all efforts to improve relations between the two neighbours.

              On other note Indian electorate is very smart. They wanted a government which has a simple majority in the center and not a hung parliament.

              In Maharashtra people voted BJP-ShivSena alliance in the center, but chose Congress party and NCP of Shard Pawar for the Maharashtra state assembly.

              In Maharashtra people voted for NCP a breakway of Congress rejecting the GANDHI family.

              In Bihar, India's most lawless state voters defeated former CM Lalloo Prasad Yadav the most corrupt CM in India.

              Voters in TamilBadu rejected Jaylalita's party and mercilessly defeated Subramaniam Swamy for bringing doen the previous government.

              In Punjab voters rejected a Sikh Party (Akali Dal) and voted for COngress.

              In Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka people rejected the BJP for poor performance in the state and votes for Congress.

              In short Indian voters may be illiterate but you cannot take them for a ride. They will puish the politicians if they do not perform.

              Only one sad note, Manmohan Singh former FInance Minister of India , one of the best candidate ( a Sikh) lost because of the BJP wave in Delhi. His loss is being discussed by many Indian and it's media.


                Results in Punjab are very interesting to say the least. Congress got majority of the seats due to mainly two factors. Non-performance of Badal's Akali Govt. and split in the Akali Dal few months ago. Also, Punjab congress got two very energetic and pro-Punjab leaders these days namely, Capt. Amarinder Singh(Maharaja Patiala and ex-Akali) and Jagmeet Brar. Particualry Jagmeet Brar is very well respected in all parts of Punjab for his representation of Punjab in parilament in his last term.
                Another winner is Simranjit Singh Mann(incidently a brother-in-law of Capt. Amarinder Singh, a saaNDhoo),only Sikh leader who ever raised a slogan in favour of Khalistan inside Punjab. Also people were fed up with Badal family's dictatorship, corruption and too much interference in religious affairs of Sikhs while in power. SO its hard to pin point a single reason for pro-Congress wave in Punjab.

                Its is very unfair to call Badal's Akali Dal a Sikh party particualry by someone who diagrees that BJP is a Hindu jamaat.



                  I was frankly impressed by the Indian electrorate's maturity this time. The case of Maharashtra in particular. Inspite of the Congress being split, the voters rejected the Shiv Sena but the same state for the Center elected a sizeable number of BJP candidates for a stable centre.
                  Lets hope we have some mature politics now and lets hope we don't spend days together debating whether a particular act was secular or not.
                  I hope that Ehsan's views are not shared by the majority of Pakistanis (it seems that they are) that Indians (and the BJP) are fundamentalists.


                    All this secular, communal, communist, socialist, and so on labels have slowly become meaningless. Laloo is socialist. Jyoti Basu is communist. Vajapayee is communal but Banatwala is not. This mess no more attracts people. Vote in Andhra, in Karnataka, in Maharashtra, in Punjab, in UP, is all pointer to this.

                    There is no vote for sonia, there is no vote against sonia. There is no vote for kargil, no vote against kargil. But there is a clear vote wherever corruption and inefficiency was perceived (badal govt., jh patel govt, kalyansingh's 100 member ministry) while good work as in Andhra has been rewarded.

                    The loyal votes of several parties have not disappeared, but definitely reduced. people have started asking questions on developement in constituency, ability to get works done. People no longer take it easy when MLAs and MPs build big bunglows with unknown sources but are not available for people's grievences.

                    Not bad if leaders are listening the voice.


                      Hey you know what happened to Laloo -- last time I heard he was trailing -- so there's hope for Bihar yet !!
                      Yes Punjab results were definitely interesting......though they were kinda expected. A lot of friends from Punjab were talking about Badal government's corruption. Remember Badal had logged on the most miles on his state sponsored chopper !!
                      I definitely feel that it's wrong to label the Alali Dal as a Sikh party --- at most it's a regional party like the TDP in Andhra.


                        Maharashtra SS/BJP would have been wiped out but for split in Cong.

                        The complaint against Badal was not just that he is corrupt. Indians now take it for granted. The complaint was that even after taking money, job is not done. This is what I heard. The splits has cost. But in a few constituencies where i could see detailed results, the lead of Congress is more than both factions together. This is in sharp contrst with massive victories in last election.

                        Laloo has lost. We are saved of Jayalalitha too.

                        JH Patel now can properly go to bars than converting CN's office in bar.

                        Lower onion prices have helped BJP in Delhi. Kicking Shanta Kumar upward and removing him from state politics has done wonders in HP for them.

                        In both Goa and Assam, BJP is replacing MGP and AGP as an opposition to Cong. This was to happen some time.

                        I hope fear of people gets in politicians. I personally welcome these frequent elections. As someone said, in Nehru's stable days, u had 2% growth. Now times are unstable and we are doing better. Cost of elections is less than bearing with incompetent representives for five years.


                          Each time the Western media calls BJP Bhartiya Janata Party it refers it has HINDU NATIONALIST PARTY, for whatever, You can hardly call BJP a Hindu nationalist. There are some parties who support BJP like Bajrang Dal or Vishwa Hindu Parishad who could be described as Hindu party.

                          NDA comprises of an aliiance of so many regional parties. TDP is secular and is popular in the Telugu region (Andhra Pradesh), Shivsena is basically in Maharashtra, DMK in TamilNadu is more communist than Hindu. Trinamul Congress in the Bengal region is more secular than Congres.

                          Infact BJP is more secular than Congress. Congress has always played the Religion card to get more votes.


                            ZZ, could you please show me where I had stated that I expected the Indian electorate to help Pakistan. I was merely commenting on the fundamentalist character of the government that has just been voted in. I would never expect or want any help from Indian voters.

                            Bombay kid: Whether you like it or not BJP is a Hindu fundamentalist party. I don't know why you people want to defend them as they themselves take pride in their Hinduvta ideals. The quicker you realise this the better.

                            Furthermore I have no problem with what type of government you people vote for. I only want you to stop trumpeting about your secularism when patently you people have voted for a fundamentalist party. Practice what you preach or stop preaching it.

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                              You commented that Nawaz has not done anything to help Pak, for example this BJP win is partly due to Nawaz. I said that it is his problem, not of Indian voters.

                              If I live in madhepura constituency in a village which has no road and electricity, should I vote for Laloo Yadav that has been ruling for 9 years with nothing to show except many corruption cases on head just because he claims to be secular and socialist and for social justice and all those things? As I said people have damned these labels.

                              I have absolutely no sympathy for those who have been routed in this election. They had their opportunity and time. Don't worry. If BJP does not do justice to the time given to them, people will kick them too.

                              And tell me a single act of BJP govt. which can be dubbed communal! So why Indians should not trumpet secularism.

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