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Contempt Charges Against Cowasjee

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    Contempt Charges Against Cowasjee

    Supreme Court has issued Contempt charges, against Ardshir Cowasjee, who writes regulary in "Dawn", news paper. Following excerpts taken for today's "Dawn".

    "Today Judiciary has no respect. The judiciary has killed itself. The Judiciary is corrupt. The Government made it corrupt. The Government has got a book on all the Judges. The people looked down on the Judges. The higher the Judge, the lower he is looked down upon....."

    "Judiciary can never demand respect. I mean these guys can threaten us that we will take you to court and charge you with contempt case. But its all nonsense. They should command respect and that will take a long time to come, every thing is corrupt"

    How true he is when he described the failure of judiciary system in the country. In stead of accepting the fault and resigning from their posts, the Supreme Court has issued contempt of court charges. I would have accepted supremacy of judiciary, had the Supreme Court issued contempt charges to Parwez Musharraf , when he said Supreme Court had no authority to challenge his orders.



    Too true. the judiciary is currently as corrupt as any other branch of the executive in Pakistan.


      But he must prove that or face law.

      Fata Morgana


        Whenever a person in Pakistan tells the truth he is punished, do pakistan understand the word DEMOCRACY. Democracy in Pakistan is dead.