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The Uncertain future of India-Pakistan-Iran pipeline.

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    The Uncertain future of India-Pakistan-Iran pipeline.

    Is it worth building the gas pipe line from Iran to India through Baluchistan. Almost on a daily basis, Baluchis firing rockets at gas pipelines.

    In the latest cabinet shuffle, India has moved Mani Shankar Iyer who proposed the India - Iran pipeline. US has opposed this pipeline and now India has put a US centric Peroleum minister Murli Deora.

    Baluchis has said that would like to sell gas directly to India rather than going through Pakistani government.


    Hundreds of rockets fired at Pakistan gas field
    Sat 4 Feb 2006 5:59 AM ET

    QUETTA, Pakistan, Feb 4 (Reuters) - Tribal militants fired hundreds of rockets at a gas field and paramilitary base in Pakistan's troubled southwest, disrupting gas supplies and wounding one soldier, an official said on Saturday.

    The rocket blitz came late on Friday and on Saturday in and around the town of Dera Bugti.

    "The situation is very tense in Dera Bugti," Abdul Samad Lasi, the town's top administrative official told Reuters.

    The town is also a stronghold of a renegade tribal leader, Nawab Akbar Bugti.

    The rebels also blew up a gas pipeline near the town, 450 km (280 miles) east of Quetta, capital of the southwestern province of Baluchistan.

    Lasi said militants had fired up to 250 missiles, most of them 107 mm rockets which have a range of about 10 km (six miles).

    Most were fired at a sprawling base of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in Dera Bugti, and the nearby Loti Gas Field, run by the state-owned Oil and Gas Development Co. Ltd. (OGDCL)

    One soldier was wounded and several buildings in the base were damaged, he said.

    Baluch militants have been waging a low-key insurgency for decades for more autonomy and benefits from the oil and gas in their province, the poorest of the four Pakistani provinces.

    They have intensified attacks in recent years.

    In January 2005, the rebels launched a major attack on Pakistan's largest gas field at Sui area, killing 15 people and disrupting fuel supplies to industry for more than a week.

    Lasi said about two million cubic feet per day gas supplies would be affected from the attack. The gas field produces 35 million cubic feet gas per day.

    Officials of OGDCL were not available for comment.

    The latest attack by the militants came as President Pervez Musharraf said renegade tribal leaders had to disband their "private militias".

    "We will not let them flourish and challenge the writ of the government. Writ of the government will be established in Baluchistan," the state-run Associated Press of Pakistan quoted Musharraf as saying on Friday.

    The Pakistani military launched its latest crackdown against militants in Baluchistan after a rocket attack on Dec. 14 during a visit by Musharraf to the town of Kohlu.

    Baluch nationalists say almost 200 people have been killed. The government has not commented on casualties but analysts say the figure given by the nationalists could be exaggerated.