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Intellectual General and unwise Shariff

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    Intellectual General and unwise Shariff

    It is becoming somewhat obvious that General Musharaff is somewhat of an intellectual with appreciation of “Humanism”. Although little known about the man, I am getting these feelings that the guy is smart, well read, and is familiar with the western renaissance (Starting with Dante and ending with Shakespeare) and his views indicate (to me) that he is familiar with the period of “Humanism” and “Reformation”. Although he hasn’t said so in any interview (and I have only read one of his very few accounts published to date) it seems to me that he is familiar with Erasmus, Luther, Muntzer and other Humanists. I could be wrong, but I hope I am not. So given this background, following is what Musharaff is trying to say to Nawaz Shariff. (A message of deep intellect and vivid shrewdness, but equally “entertaining” if you know what I mean):

    General to Nawaz Shariff:

    Grisly Destroyer of Pakistan, slayer of Mankind
    My curse upon you!
    May God who created you, hate you
    May calamities heap themselves upon you
    May misfortune cleave to you in all its might
    May you be dishonored forever!
    May fear and distress not depart from you wherever you go
    May you root, and may you pay for what you owe so rightfully

    Nawaz Shariff’s reply to General:


    Very humanistic, indeed.

    Although, that's in average what a pakistani would say to his boss after he's fired.


      According to 'times of india' sharief is growing beard in detention and misses burgers and other fatty food. You may well see a bearded, trimmed down, fitter sharief walking to gallows, illustrating that improving physical fitness is no way to prevent early death.


        but atleast it would give a bit of relief for those who'd have to carry his dead body to junkyard


          Chief Executive of Pakistan Gen Musharraf's personality Profile:

          He is nature's special child
          He trusts and rewarded by trust
          Fortune smiles upon his countenance
          All things blossom
          In the gentleness of his love
          He strives to find beauty in all he behold
          He is fair of face
          And full of grace

          He is the Chief Executive of Pakistan: General Pervez Musharraf

          He is extremely appealing to others. There may be dozens of people around who will want to mother him, and if he is in need of help - he can summon an army.

          He is popular but not really knowledgable, meek but innately opportunistic, he will seek out people he can rely on. He is encouraged by the route of the least resistance. He is impressionable and will always go along with the wishes of the majority or those who have strong influence on him. But while he may readily absorb the ideas of others, he will still cling to what he accustomed to. He fears changes in his life style and will not be too crazy about exploring the unknown.

          Although, he has a diversified personality and can mix well with almost anyone, he also has a martyrdom complex and will feel rejected and persecuted whenever his is not allowed to have his way.

          He is our Chief Executive of Pakistan: General Pervez Musharraf.

          Fata Morgana


            Chief executive??? He'll soon become the chief executor.


              If he starts following his predecessors, following will be the feelings of Pakistani awaam

              Rahzanou say tou bhaag nikla thha!!
              aab mujhay rahbaroun nay ghaira hai