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Pakistan must stop backing "terrorism" says India.

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    Pakistan must stop backing "terrorism" says India.

    India says Pakistan must stop backing "terrorism"

    NEW DELHI: India shrugged off Pakistan's move to withdraw troops from the bordersand said Pakistan must stop backing terrorism.

    "Pakistan has pursuaded the sponsorship of terrorism in India as a matter of state policy and as yet we see no signs that this is abating", foreign ministry spokesman said here on Monday. Meanwhile Indian military sources said they had seen no sign of Pakistan's promised withdrawal of troops from its international border with India.

    U.S. to press Musharraf to stop cross-border terrorism
    The Clinton Administration has informed U.S. Congress that it would be pressing Pakistani Chief Executive Gen. Pervez Musharraf, to alleviate India's concerns about cross-border terrorism, which New Delhi has said must be addressed before resumption of the stalled dialogue between the two countries. Karl Inderfurth, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, noted that "certain assurances were provided" in Musharraf's speech on Oct. 17 and in his meeting with U.S. Ambassador William Milam. "We will be pursuing in days ahead firmer commitments from Gen. Musharraf on that issue, including cross-border terrorism," Inderfurth said.


      Supporting the legal and just struggle of the Kashmiri people against the illegal occupation of their land by the trigger happy Indian forces cannot be labelled as terrorism. The support should and must continue, whether India likes it or not. We are not here to appease India.


        Indian President K R Narayanan today expressed grave concern over the military takeover in Pakistan and asked Islamabad to stop cross-border terrorism and end hostile propaganda against India. Addressing the first joint session of the 13th Lok Sabha, he said, "The recent military takeover in Pakistan is a matter of grave concern. Democracy alone can best guarantee peace, understanding and cooperation among countries and peoples. We are watching the situation in Pakistan with careful attention." Narayanan also said that defence forces would be modernised to meet any challenge to national security in the light of the recent Kargil conflict. "Pakistan must stop cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and other regions of India, and also put an end to hostile propaganda against India," he said, adding that New Delhi will initiate concerted action against state-sponsored terrorism in any part of the world.



          Pakistan will be forced by the world leaders to stop cross border terrorism, it will do in a month or two.



            Don't make me laugh! Fighting an army is NOT terrorism!

            If Indians or some other countries choose this word(terrorism), that is their choice. In our vocabulary, its Jehad(holy war in the name of Allah).

            By the way, Americas, Europe, India, Russia and others should not fear of the Jehad of our time because its not that deadly as it use to be or was suppose to be. **smiles**

            Fata Morgana