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To General Musharaff

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    To General Musharaff

    We had promises before but nothing transpired
    You should go back and work at the job you were hired
    How can you be so different? Unselfish with no greed?
    We have been on these tracks, we know well where they lead
    We’ve been screwed before on countless occasions
    In the name of socialism, and of Military operations
    We’ve been taken by Mullahs, as well by the fearless
    On the path to nowhere, downhill, winding, and dangerous

    Please do us a favor, and go back to bases
    We will even forgive you, so don’t hide your faces
    We are people who are selfless, we are nation of heroes
    But a few, just like you, are no more than a zeros
    Who will come with a bang, without any adaptation
    For the rule of the law, or respect for the nation
    You may think you are good, you ‘ve proved otherwise
    Your deal at Kashmir, still so fresh in our eyes
    We want peace with our neighbors, not terrorist activities
    We have paid with our lives, not with ‘war-room’ tactivities
    Our land, not a battle ground for few bruised esoterics
    If you must have to fight, kick some butt in your barracks
    Kill a few of your buddies who are less in the posture
    Make them sit-ups and pushups, till they die with torpor
    They will then know what it’s like, to obey what is wrong
    Your rule wont last long, I hope not very long!

    I would now pass the stage to my dear friend Mr. Xtreme Uraf Faiz-e-Jahan, Dushman-e-USA


    there's something called "give a guy a chance!"
    before you get so irate and in your ire, dance!
    you who are such a "western, educated liberal"
    often come up with the utmost drivel and bull
    the General has fought for Pakistan, in the past
    he has proven his loyalty--now let his rule last!
    In a nation where everyone is a leader, a 'king!'
    Such a system, can nothing but chaos bring!
    Our Beloved Master, the Messenger of Allah
    Gave us the following advice, from Almighty Allah:
    If two Muslims (or three?) on a journey set out
    Let them select a leader first, before they set out!
    Now, use your "educated" mind and make analogy, qiyaas
    And stop acting like a parrot, talking out of your a***!
    As for your contention about Mullahs, tell us pray?
    WHEN have they ever been allowed to rule, do say?
    A real Islamic government we have never had,
    But until that time I say, "General Sahib--ZINDABAD!"


      Asif...that was an excellent, excellent reply.
      NYAhmadi..what have you done for pakistan lately?


        Dear Asif,

        I didn’t know you’re a poet, your poetry is fine
        Your views however, remain that of a swine

        If it ain’t were for Mullahs, we’d had been some places
        It’s the hatred they preach with their unholy faces
        That is keeping us back, on the ground, in despair
        Only them who don’t know, our destiny is where
        They are lowly, retarded, unclean and unkind
        Their own deeds are bad, they’ve got filth on their mind

        I may talk from my arse, but it is not what I say
        It’s scrubbed everyday!
        You neglected to notice, it is not how I say it
        My eggs are as tasty, no matter where I lay it

        You may praise your General, he is only a tool
        Zindabad! we would not let him fool
        Our nation is hurt, with the bad troposphere
        We can’t sit on our butts, we’ve got to prepare!

        I will see your response, and I hope it is yielding
        If it’s just like before, do prepare for some fielding
        And I kick very hard, just to warn you I say
        Don’t you ever forget that, (either way)
        be in prose or in poem, in the West or in East
        I would not kick your Mullahs where it might hurt the least

        [This message has been edited by sabah (edited October 20, 1999).]


          Ahmadi I am no friend or supporter of the military regimes, but tell me this, whom would you prefer, nation looters and democraxcy destroyers like Nawaz and Benazir or Musharraf. I would prefer the latter anytime. With democrats like Nawaz and BB who needs dictators.Get real in this situation and give the guy a chance. You are asking him to go back to the barracks, and whom should he hand over the power to? Nawaz or BB --- God forbid.


            Pakistani logic has no parallel. Were Zia, Yahya, Tikka and Ayub better than BB, Nawaz and ZAB? Well they were not. But Pak did not elect them so there were no expectations and so what they did does not matter. Now all of them have jumped to claim that Musharraf is an angel and going to lead Pakistan to paradise. aaage aage dekhiye hota hain kya, i predict first thing to happen will be persecution of PML party and hanging of Sharif. And later IMF money will be swindled by army and not politicians.


              ZZ you will obviously prefer Nawaz, because it is only through cowards like him that your army gained an advantage in Kargil. Musharraf is not the answer to all our problems but he is making a start and we want to give him a chance. He will prove better than Nawaz. As to democractically elected leaders, tell me when did Nawaz or Benazir held themselves accountable in front of the people. They held the very people who elected them in contempt. Now it is the turn of the people to hold them in contempt.


                There seems a big confusion on kargil. The mainstream Pakistani seems to think that Pak was on the verge of winning over Kashmir, but for Nawaz. It stands scrutiny. The move lacked support from China. France had stopped supplying arms. Two major points Tololig and Tiger hills had fallen. So was half of batallik. Trucks had started moving on the highway.

                So it was clear that Pak could not press forward and in fact retreating. Facing defeat Nawaz tried to involve US to get some satisfaction of 'internationalizing' kashmir.

                What choice Nawaz had? His country is begging from pillar to post for survival. Why should international donors give him money to wage wars?


                  Mr. NY with you I have no personal grudge
                  But from my views I will not budge
                  I know what you views are from discussions in the past
                  You are a Qadiani--the ideology og kufr which leaves me aghast!

                  But let us not go into that area mister
                  Otherwise I'll be censored by Sabah sister!
                  So I do not expect anything better from one of your kind
                  But please, sir, bear this point in mind:

                  Islam is for Muslims, and lovers of the Messenger
                  It is no surprise then that you do not want it, not now, nor ever!
                  For Truth and falsehood can never mix
                  Falsehood will always be hit for a six!
                  If it wasn't for these "mullahs" whom you despise
                  Pakistan would never have been created, do you realise?
                  It was they, who at grass-roots level did raise
                  support for The Quaid, and so deserve praise
                  On the other hand, certain mulhids the British did love
                  Who were used by the Brits against Islam, like an iron glove
                  These same people today all things Western support
                  With headquarters in Israel, they others to their ideology exhort!
                  But in Pakistan, the Land of the Pure
                  Islam will always prevail to be sure!
                  The General might not be perfect, admittedly
                  But he cannot be worse than those who ruled previously
                  Do him a favour and give him your support and wait
                  If you want PAKISTANIs to be raised, and it to elevate!



                    OK, everyone, enough of the feeble poetry, I think I have proven that no one else comes close to me in this field anyway...although that last piece by Asif was mighty fine.

                    ZZ, no one is dumb enough to think that Pakistan's problems are over. General Musharraf is a US sponsored guy, that much is pretty obvious if you read between the lines.

                    That doesn't matter in itself. What matters is that Pakistan benefits from this and that there is some sort of improvement in the conditions of the country. Nawaz Sharif failed to deliver on any front so why should he stay in office other than to please enemis of Pakistan such as Hindustan?

                    Majority of people in Pakistan are happy he is gone and what makes us happy is what counts, not what outsiders think.


                      Mr. Xtreme, Musharraf has released 100 al-badr activists. So signal to US. give us money or dogs will be unchained and be left alone to choose target.


                        Dear Asif,

                        Congratulations on your effort, it is pretty cool
                        But let me tell you, your poems would not make me further fool
                        I do agree that we must get our focus on this time
                        Its not you or me, neither him, but those who’ve committed crime!
                        To take our faiths and play with them is not a lovely deed
                        I hope and pray, that whoever did this will pay in-deed

                        I see that you have pointed yet another time to those
                        Who might be somewhat different than you, but then here it goes:
                        If you can tell that they are so bad, what can stop me to?
                        Reversing similar accusations to those who are like you?
                        If I am guilty of violation, you ain’t any less
                        Let’s leave our faiths for other section, here just politics

                        Now back to General, lets see what has happened since he came?
                        He is playing by the same rules and he hasn’t changed the game
                        If we could talk so loudly bout the Sethi and his Press
                        Why should not we do it for Mr. Sharrif and his caucus?
                        We should presume that he is not a guilty to a crime
                        Till he has ‘Writ of Habeas Corpus’ that requires time
                        To try him on an allegation, that might not be true
                        Will take us only further than we already are too

                        I do admire your openness and honesty in views
                        If I don’t agree with them, do not think that we are Jews
                        I do not have a thing against a Muslim or Jew
                        They are all the Children of one God, includes both me and you
                        Except a few! No Mr. Xtreme, its not you!

                        I only hope that nation does recover from this upheaval
                        I would not like to see in power someone who is evil

                        I’ll wait for your response to this, and hope it is nice as last
                        I know together you and I can make this place a blast
                        If Mr. X (treme) could join us with his ‘so-so’ poetry
                        It might bring msaqibj back from out of cemetery



                          Hello again Mister N. Y. A
                          This is all I have to say:
                          " Are one hundred donkeys better than one man!?
                          Answer this quote of Iqbals' if you can!
                          Leave the General be,
                          His results we'll all see.


                            ZZ where do you get these 'facts' from?!


                              100 Al-Badr activists released? Well that's a good start...