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Future Shape of the Government

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    Future Shape of the Government

    With the military having taken over gfrom the corrupt government of Nawaz and the rather sorry state of affairs the country has gone through two governments each of Benazir and Nawz, it is time to pause and rethink our system of government. What shape should the future government of Pakistan take. Should it be:

    - The same parlimentary system with additional check and balances.
    - The current system but with the additional proviso that the President and the Senate are directly elected by the people. This would give both the senate and the President more moral authority over a rampant and mad PM like Nawaz.
    - A Presidential system on the lines of either France or USA
    - A Turkish style of government with army having a permanent say in the running or the country.
    - A totally independent judiciary and the election commission.

    Any other alternatives and views.

    Well... a totally independent judiciary and election commission is ia must whatever system you choose.


      I don't think the fault lies with any system of government. It is the rulers and the ruled who are responsible to make a system success.

      I don't see any logic in it that our people again and again choose the same people who have failed. And our leaders who have failed on so many occassions, still want to come back and lead the country, like Benazir and others.

      We must have some knowledge(education)to sort out the bad and the good apples.

      Fata Morgana