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Pakistan attempting Afghanistan strategy in Kashmir

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    Pakistan attempting Afghanistan strategy in Kashmir

    Pakistan attempting Afghanistan strategy in Kashmir’: Indian Army chief
    New Delhi, October 19: Army chief General V P Malik has said Pakistan is attempting to replicate in Jammu and Kashmir the military strategy it followed in Afghanistan with its army regulars and militants working as a ‘single entity'.

    The army chief said a special operation to ‘search and destroy’ militant hideouts has been launched in the north and south of Peer Panjal ranges dividing the Kashmir valley from the Jammu region. Referring to the current state of Pakistan-sponsored militancy, he said the militants are now 'better equipped and obviously better controlled by the Pakistan army' through its communications network.

    ”What people do not understand is that the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) is not a separate entity. Officers go to ISI from the armed forces and return to them,” Malik said, adding that the ISI is ‘adjunct’ of the armed forces. The army chief said radio intercepts of the militants showed 'how happy they were' about the military takeover in Pakistan.

    Malik said there is a ‘setback’ in the fight against militancy when certain units of the armed forces were moved from the Valley to Kargil sector in May last. “We did not have enough troops for offensive operations (against militants). The para-military forces were by and large protective and were not going in for offensive operations,” he said, adding some forces were later brought back to resume offensive anti-militancy operations.

    The army chief said the problem facing India and the international community is that Pakistan “has become a breeding ground for militancy and terrorism. For the army, the war neither began nor ended with the Kargil operations. The army has been engaged by Pakistan in a proxy war which has gone on for 10 years,” Malik added.