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Unceremonious Departures of Pakistani Heads of State

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    Unceremonious Departures of Pakistani Heads of State

    It is sad and unfortunate that Nawaz Sharif elected by vast majority of people had to leave the chair of PM in such a disgrace manner. But this is not a new happening in Pakistan. This stupidity is going on since partition. Was it not better if people of Pakistan decide who should stay and who should go. Already the loyalists of Ex PM are appreciating take over by the General, so that they may have a chance in sharing of power and continue to steal the wealth of the country.

    The other day I was listening to CBS where an Indian journalist telling the world that even after the lapse of 52 years, people of this country have not learned self governance and how to run the affairs of the country. Though these remarks were extremely damaging for Pakistanis in face of the world, but they are true. Perhaps Quaid-e-Azam failed to realize that there is no one after him who would lead the country to democracy and prosperity. What had happened to this beautiful land on earth after 1948, perhaps he would have second thoughts about the creation of haven for Muslims.

    This is fourth take over by the army. First take over in 1958, resulted in corruption of army and bureaucracy and paved the way for breaking up of the country. Second take over in 1968, resulted in break-up of the country in 1971. Third take over resulted flow of drugs, terrorism, division on the lines of ethnicity, sectarian cast and creed among people. General dragged his power for 11 years until he along with his colleagues killed in C180 plane disaster. But by that time damage done to institutions was irreparable. No one should be happy about such take-over. History has proved that such take-over by army proved detrimental to the foundation of the country and people had to pay heavy price. I pray to Allah, to save this unfortunate land where I was born, from further surprises, disasters and humiliations.

    People might argue that what democratic governments have ever done any good to the country. Yes it is true that all democratic governments were corrupt including the last one. But since they were elected by the people, it is their right to continue or change the government, not by overthrowing the legitimate government through brutal force which shows how much an ordinary living soul has a right to live in that country. Any way how weak is the democracy, it is much better than the absolute power, which corrupts absolutely.

    Nawaz Sharif and his political predecessors should have continued to rule till new elections or he should have changed with in the parliament rather than kicking them out in such humiliation which has always resulted in humiliation and embarrassment for all Pakistanis with in and allover the world.



    Farid.....>>But since they were elected by the people, it is their right to continue or change the government, not by overthrowing the legitimate government through brutal force which shows how much an ordinary living soul has a right to live in that country. Any way how weak is the democracy, it is much better than the absolute power, which corrupts absolutely.<<

    While I agree with most of what you elucidated, I beg to differ on the above logic. The reason is that rule of law holds no sanctity in the eyes of those who are elected to govern. Instead of being democrates they are despots. We have never had democracy, but autocracy. Instead of governing these corrupts start to rule. It is like the country is extension of Ittifaq Foundry or annexe of Bilawal House.

    While I am not in the favor of army rule in Pakistan, I do however, believe that under similar cercumstances this may have been the only way out. But what now?? A swift even handed accountability and severe punishments to those who are found guilty and return to civilian rule as soon as possible.


      Is 'Democracy' really so sacred? What if Jamaat were elected to power? Would you be singing the praises of democracy then? Or would you do a U-turn like the western countries did after the Islamists looked set to sweep to power in Algeria some time back?

      If democracy has failed in Pakistan there is no one to blame except those who trumpeted about democracy the most loudly in the first place. Blood-sucking leeches like BB and Chamcha-King Nawaz. They shoved democracy down the toilet and flushed it down for good.

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        I've been surprised so many times. I hope for the best, but I am allways prepared for the worst.
        When Benazir came for the first time we all said that we were glad for democracy, just as for N. Sharif when he was re-elected.
        Now 11 years after Zia was assacinated we again have military rule.
        What can we learn from this??
        We need education in the country -so the evil don't prevail in or country not even survive in the democracy. We have after 11 years of education just learned the weeknesses of the democracy -the real hard way.
        Good or bad for Pakistan?? Depends. In what??
        If gen Musharraf is able to acieve the following I'll say it was good:
        i) Get the economy of Pakistan back on track. This by make all those men/women who have looted pakistan to pay back
        ii) Make the court's funktion again so the man on the road feel's safe and gets his "HAQ"
        iii) Punish the corrupted/criminal so there is awareness in the nation that if you make a crime and is cougth you will pay

        I could go on and on, but I think everybody should get a very good picture of what I mean.

        We should start to judge people not by what they say but by what they do

        Right now Gen Musharraf should only say one thing to the bad guys:

        We should reply: We'll help you
        And the outcome should be a prosperous country

        If the result is as mentioned above -then I'll conclude that it was good for us (But I allways hope and pray for the best)



          Which ever party whether Islamic or Secular once elected by votes of people who are we not to accept their rule. I would rather consider Pakistan lucky if people chose an Islamic party, who cares if some foreign country accepts it or not?


          All democratic governments came after a long period of marshal law. Those who came to power were by-product of those governments. Unfortunately not a single government was allowed complete its tenure, in other words, democracy was never allowed to establish its foundations in the country, or given a chance to flourish. Hence blaming only on democratic governments, which inherited evils from dictatorship, are not justified.

          Look at the Supreme Court. It was giving all kinds of decisions in favor of Sharif Brethren. Now it does not have any guts even to pass orders to produce Shabaz Sharif in court, what kind of Highest Judicial Authority is this?


          FARID M