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Is Pakistan just a client state of USA?

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    Is Pakistan just a client state of USA?

    Well, according to some sources, General Musharraf is the biggest stooge of USA of all. It has to be considered if you think about it...generally the US likes to have it's own people in power and is quite prepared to use whatever means necessary to ensure this is the case, eg Panama and Grenada.

    There are those who believe that Pakistan is insignificant on the world stage, but there seems to have been enough interference from outside forces during the Kargil affair to suggest that major govts are still concerned with what goes on in the region.

    So it seems unlikely that the generals could have taken over without some sort of tacit approval from one side or the other. Under Nawaz CIA were given pretty much a free reign in Pakistan, so I doubt that this has changed with the shift in power.

    For my part I am no longer interested in terms like 'Democracy' or 'dictatorship'. I couldn't care less any more. The only thing I am bothered about is that we see some progress in literacy, economics and as a society. I don't care if this is brought about through democracy or a military government. I am not interested in labels. Only the end product.

    Nawaz and Benazir did not only fail themselves they failed the entire priciple of secular government. Their prospective governments have been a massive blow to the secular aspirations of people of Pakistan. If the country lurches towards fundamentalism before we harp on about mullahs and bigots we should point the finger at those so-called secular champions of democracy who have allowed this to happen. Someone has to be accountable somewhere. They can't just keep on pointing fingers at each other.

    Could'nt agree with you more. By the way, nicely put.

    Later on


      Dear Mr. Xtreme

      What is this? Tomorrow you will say that USA invented Islam. Come on now. You have a habit of blaming poor old USA for everything that can possibly go wrong anywhere. I am not a big admirer of certain US policies, but this one beats the hell out of me.

      USA only has one interest in our nation – to see it prosper and earn its place in the community of nations. It can only be achieved with higher literacy rates, equitable distribution of wealth, employment opportunities, and abolition of religious fundamentalism and equal rights for everyone, and freedom of speech and expression.

      For everything that has gone wrong in our nation, its ‘we’ who are to be blamed. If we cant put our own house in order, foreigners will exploit us only more. Its time to look for solutions and stop blaming our only real friend - US of A, who has steadfastly been with us in many hard times before and will do it again should the need ever arises. The Law, not a personal vendetta against Pakistan, requires economic and military sanctions.

      p.s., lets Musharaff Jr., get his feet wet before we go a little ‘harsh’ on him. I liked your reply to his post, I hope it was only a welcome gesture, and not one of your actual bazookee responses (that you save for me!).


        Musharraf has displeased US by removing sharif. but he may become stooge of america some day, if he does not continue with popular support.



          Anarchy at home and increasing isolation abroad, Pakistan's future has
          never been more in doubt than now. There is no doubt in my mind that
          the singular cause for Pakistan's contemporary crisis is its obsession
          with Kashmir and its unending and increasingly irrational conflict and
          competition with India. It seems that Pakistan exists for only two
          reasons: to wrest Kashmir from India and to act as a nuisance value to
          India. It is time Pakistan transformed itself from a foreign policy
          state to a domestic policy state.

          For the full article goto:


            In his latest speech today Musharraf has just praised the support shown by leading nations, especially the United States. Let us see if the help or support of US is actually of any benefit to Pakistan. NYA, I'm still not sure why you think US would want to help Pakistan establish itself...if that's what they want and what we want, why hasn't it happened? After all, US has been a 'friend' of Pakistan for a long time. I wish we had the type of support they gave to Afghanistan when Pakistan was invaded by India in 1971. India had lot's of support from it's ally, Russia. USA sat on it's hands while Pakistan got carved up.

            Truth ios USA is interested in itself only and I don't blame them. We shouldn't have to rely on them for help.


              Mr Xtreme,

              You need to ask the question why ONLY Muslims are getting a bad rap from all the western countries.