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    It certainly is a difficult time for our country, but itís not the end of the world. We have managed to survive plenty of hard times before and we will go through this one with diligence also. While we can continue to have our differences of opinions, we can aim to bind together for the good of the nation. At times like this, brotherhood matters more than different political thoughts. Our country has a rough ride ahead, we can, in our own little ways, make contributions to our motherland.

    If an embargo is placed, I propose that we do the following (those of us living overseas):

    We can minimize hardship of our brothers and sisters by sending more capital into the country.

    We can send material donations to Pakistan based charitable groups.

    We can actively lobby the governments where we reside for easing of economic and other sanctions. Those of us in the USA can do so by calling our local Representatives. We can write to newspapers and mags expressing our concerns.

    These are only a few suggestions, I am sure you can come up with a lot more. In my earlier post I stated that USA should impose sanctions should the country become a dictatorship. That post reflected my political views. This post reflects my brotherly and nationalistic views. No matter who comes and who goes, our love for our motherland will never go. Never. Ever. Never. We are a nation of courageous sons/daughters of our motherland.

    >>No matter who comes and who goes, our love for our motherland will never go. Never. Ever. Never
    Insha Allah!

    About how we can make contributions to our Country, I think sending more capital back through banks, is probably the best way to secure our economy Ė However our money alone canít make much difference, but they say íthoRa thoRa mil ker bohut ho jaata haií

    I canít think of many other suggestions right now, insha allah later. But youíre right (again) about this, ke this is the moment for us to bind together.



      Also....the more of us qualified people [professionals] go back to pakistan the better for our beloved country...



        I certainly missed NYA's post reflecting his political views. But following is my assessment of current situation.

        Nawaz government met the fate it deserved. But what now?? We must never set another thief to catch a thief. This is probably the final chance to teach a lesson to looter. Pakistan does not any IMF funds. I would tell these capitalists to stuff whatever ecomomic resucitation, they keep providing and instead ask Pakistani people to tighten theri belt. No more imports. Live within your means. A speedy even handed accountability for all corrupt elements in every walk of society. Take the culprits to Minar Pakistan and throw them down. We need a khouni inqalaab.