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Death Penalty for Nawaz Sharif

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    Death Penalty for Nawaz Sharif

    Finally a relief for Pakistani nation from the most corrupt dictatorship of Nawaz . The next step should be to try Nawaz and his gang of crooks and criminals on charges of treason and hang . Send them to hell where they belong. The gifts of Nawaz to the Pakistani nation include :

    (1) Corruption and nepotism reaches its peak.

    (2) Sectarian violence at its height

    (3) destruction of state institution such as Justice system and democratic norms.

    (4) provincialism, regionalism, race hate.

    (5) The shameful way in which Nawaz handled Kargil issue. Seems he cared more about fanatic of India and the Anti-Islam and Anti-Pakistan BIG SATAN rather than Pakistanís national interests.

    (6) Defaming, and trying to weaken and destroy the only institution in Pakistan that is holding Pakistan together, the Pak military. All for self-serving and selfish reasons.

    Any proud Pakistani would be glade to see this ***** of the century hanged. There is no doubt in my mind if I was calling the shoots, I would have hanged the first minute I got my hands on his throat and I hope the military leadership do hang him in the interest of Pakistan and make an example out of him for the rest of the corrupt Paki politicians. My suggestion would be to bury him on his Raiwind Palace that he has built by looting the blood money of ordinary Pakistanis.

    Beside him should be digged a grave for his " Mini Me " , his information minister Mushahid Hussian and the rest of the gang should meet the same fate. For once lets do the right thing and send these traitors and criminals to hell where they belong. NO compromise should be made, enough is enough

    [This message has been edited by sabah (edited October 15, 1999).]