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Priyanka Gandhi - A fresh politician on the Indian scene.

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    Priyanka Gandhi - A fresh politician on the Indian scene.

    Check out the article on Priyanka Gandhi in the latest edition of Herald, Dawn publication.

    Sonia Gandhi, president of the Congress party, defeated her BJP rival Sanjay Singh by a margin of 300,015 votes in Amethi constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from Bellary in Karnataka, where Sonia has also contested, Amethi's was the most talked about contest in this election. Pitted against Singh, who belongs to the erstwhile royal family of Amethi, Sonia Gandhi performed beyond the expectations of her supporters and fears of her detractors. The credit for this largely goes to Priyanka Vadra, the daughter of the Congress nominee, who has evidently captured the imagination of the VIP constituency with her charisma and her ability to reach out to the common people there. In an extremely gracious gesture, seldom seen in today's political arena, Amita Modi (nee Kulkarni), wife of the defeated candidate Singh, acknowledged the contribution of Priyanka. Amita Modi, who herself worked exceptionally hard in Amethi for her husband, did not betray a speck of rancor or bitterness when she expressed her feelings to a private television channel.

    Priyanka Gandhi is already causing ripples on the Indian political scene, but will she endure?

    At five feet eight inches, Priyanka Gandhi, who bears a striking resemblance to her illustrious grandmother Indira, is taller than most Indian politicians. But she appears to have far more in common with her grandmother than just a physical resemblance. Her lineage, effervescent youth and endearing charm seem to be mesmerising the new and old generation alike. Wife, entrepreneur, social worker, political manager and the undeclared heir apparent of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, this 28-year-old is a woman of substance.

    Described by her mother Sonia as an avid follower of politics, Priyanka has been her closest confidante and has impressed people with the way she took on the role of ‘caretaker’ in the immediate aftermath of her father’s assassination in 1991.

    She is sweet , beautiful and smart, unlike her mother who does not smile, not a good leader. She is partly Hindu, partly Christian, partly Kashmiri, partly Parsi. Her mother is Catholic Christian, grandmother is Hindu, grandfather is Parsi, great grandfather came from Kashmir. I think the main reason Sonia Gandhi entered Indian politics is to bring Priyanka Gandhi. This election has been a stepping stone for her. I predict in the next election she would be active and have high chances of becoming the prime minister of India. Indians would not accept Sonia Gandhi because she has not done enough to become a seasoned politician to govern the worlds largest democracy.