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After RAW , it was MOSSAD now Taliban ...............

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    After RAW , it was MOSSAD now Taliban ...............

    Pakistani PM warns Taleban the puupet government of Pakistan in Afghanistan. First he blamed Indian and Israeli agents (RAW and MOSSAD ) and has now shifted the blame to Taliban or 'students of Islam'. Shiite Muslims have protested about the latest sectarian violence. Earlier Pakistan had blamed Iran for inciting Shiites and Saudi Arabia for inciting the Sunnis.

    Pakistan's Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, says Pakistan has asked the Taleban authorities to close down training camps in Afghanistan. Most Islamic warriors or mujahideenen in Afghanistan are trained in Pakistani madarssahs (Islamic seminaries).

    Nearly 40 people have been killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan in the past 10 days, mainly members of the minority Shiite community.

    On Thursday, a senior official from Pakistan's state-run television PTV was shot dead by two attackers on a motorcycle in Rawalpindi.

    Aun Mohammad Rizvi, PTV controller of programmes, was a Shiite Muslim.

    Late on Wednesday, three doctors - two Shiites and a Sunni Muslim - were killed in the southern port city of Karachi.

    Mohammad Nisar, a Sunni Muslim and an influential member of Pakistan's main Islamic party, Jamaat-i-Islami, was gunned down in his car by unidentified assailants when he stopped at traffic lights.


    Asked about the current wave of sectarian violence in Pakistan, the prime minister said that the Pakistani authorities had made a number of arrests in recent days.

    Police have increased security checks in Pakistani cities
    Interrogations of those arrested, he said, had established that they had received training at camps in Afghanistan and he said that a few days ago the director general of Pakistan's main intelligence organisation, the Inter Services Intelligence, went to Kandahar and met the Taleban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

    He said that the Pakistani delegation said that the mujahideen camps must be closed immediately and that the training must be stopped.

    When asked whether the Taleban were directly responsible for the training, the Pakistani Prime Minister would not be drawn.

    A Taleban spokesman has said that the Taleban will co-operate with Pakistan and that it will closely watch the activities of suspected Pakistanis in Afghanistan.

    Pakistan is one of only three countries that recognises the Taleban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Most regard Taliban as the puppet government of Pakistan. Pakistan has been supplying weapons to the Taliban movement in Afghanistan.

    Pakistan warning taliban, mostly to make west happy and make them feel that Pak has nothing to do with them. 'i will act as if beating u and u act crying' drama is going on.