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Indian Elections - Thoughts and Predictions.

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    Indian Elections - Thoughts and Predictions.

    With Indian elections in 2 days......

    Who will ne the next Prime Minister of India?

    Will any party get majority and would be able to form government? Or will it be again an hung parliament.

    What is the future of Sonia Gandhi. If Congress loses and wins?

    What government in India is best of improving relations with Pakistan.

    Any thoughts any predictions from Gupshup people.

    BJP will win. I think BJP is the only party that can deliver. Congress will be dead in another 10 years.


      BJP does not deliver. In almost every state it has been thrown out of power after 5 years. But I hope BJP comes to power in center so that ABV is back.

      If Congress is dead, the space for opposition of BJP will be cornered by third front which is a bunch of idiots. Let a two party system emerge slowly, BJP amnd Cong being two corners.


        With the rise of Hindu nationalism in India mushrooming it is difficult to see how the Hindutva government with it's cronies like Bal Thackaray can fail to win. Expect work to start on the new Temple which is being built on the site of the demolished Babri Masjid. I can't remember which God it is being built to honour; Ram or Krishna probably. Ore it might be Ganesh. Or it could be that one with a monkey's head and a man's body. I don't know to be honest.


          Cronies like Thackrey would have failed to win if Pawar did not break away from congress. This elections, their vote share will decrease but seats will increase due to splitting of votes between pawar and sonia in maharashtra.

          anyway, no point explaining it to guys as ignorant as you are about indian politics for the simple reason that u do not even think u r ignorant. u believe u understand it.

          ABV has reason to win. Paki newspaper are still cribbing on the 'kargil debacle'.


            NEW DELHI: An Exit poll conducted for "Star News' on Tuesday predicted a big win for BJP and its allies giving them 213 of the 344 Lok Sabha seats where elections have been held in the three phases while Congress and its allies are likely to get a mere 90, reports PTI.
            Parties categorised as 'others' are likely to bag 30 seats.

            The poll, conducted by 'Insight' covering about 1.20-lakh voters in 127 constituencies, was held in Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh where polling has been fully completed and in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh where polling has been partially conducted.

            Eleven constituencies in various Union territories, Goa and Jammu and Kashmir have not been accounted for in the Exit poll.

            The Exit poll gives the BJP a clean sweep in Delhi with the party expected to bag six of the seven seats and impressive gains in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

            In Tamil Nadu, DMK and its allies including BJP are set to get 26 of the 39 seats with AIADMK-Congress combine bagging the remaining seats. The Moopanar-led Tamil Maanila Congress is set to draw a blank.

            In neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, the TDP-BJP alliance is tipped to secure a massive victory getting 33 of the 42 seats while the Congress is predicted to lose heavily bagging only seven seats as against 22 in the last elections. 'Others' have been given two seats.

            Maharashtra, where Sharad Pawar's Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has almost riven the Congress vote bank, is expected to go the BJP-Shiv Sena way with the combine likely to get 31 of 48 seats, leaving ten for Congress and seven for 'others'.According to the Insight poll, the BJP is set to gain 49 additional seats at the cost of Congress which is losing an equal number of seats.

            The BJP-led alliance is also expected to do well surprisingly in Punjab, where the other Exit polls had said that the alliance was facing a rout. The Insight poll gives BJP-akali dal alliance eight of the 13 seats and congress 4 and 'others' one.

            In UP, where elections have been only for 30 seats so far, the Insight poll like other Exit polls predicts a setback for BJP giving it only 18 seats and three for Congress while 'others' are expected to bag nine seats.

            Likewise, in Bihar and MP where also polls are over only partially, the BJP is set to do well. In Bihar, the party in alliance with JD(U) is expected to get 16 seats, leaving the remaining three to Congress and its ally RJD.

            In MP, where there is a straight fight, the BJP is set to bag 21 of the 26 seats so far giving Congress five.

            The BJP-led allies is leading in Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan. In Karnataka, it is securing 19 of the 28 seats while eight are expected to be bagged by Congress and its allies and 'others' Congress is set to bag the remaining 11 seats.

            In Rajasthan, Congress is likely to suffer as BJP is projected to win 14 of the 25 seats. Congress had won 20 seats in the previous elections. The Insight poll showed that Congress is set to get merely ten seats with one going to 'others'.

            In Kerala, the UDF led by Congress is projected to bag 11 of the 20 seats while the remaining going to the LDF led by the CPI(M).

            In Haryana, BJP and its ally INLD are set to gain six of the total ten seats with the remaining going into the Congress kitty.


              Who cares, who wins, who gives a s*** anyway. They are all the same .

              [This message has been edited by sabah (edited September 22, 1999).]


                90% of the Muslim population in India consider Atal Bihari Vajpayee to be the best candidate for the Prime Minister post. They consider Vajpayee to be the moderate person. They do object to some support received by BJP from parties which are more communal in nature.


                  Yeah, coming from you, Mr Anti-Pakistan it must be true. Maybe you think 90% of the people who demolished the Babri masjid under the supervision of the BJP were muslims too.


                    Mr. Xtreme. I read this piece in yesterday's Pakistani newspaper "The Nation". Check it out.

                    [This message has been edited by sabah (edited September 22, 1999).]


                      If Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the next Prime Minister of INdia then there are high chances of improved relations with Pakistan. Now we are not sure how long Nawaz Sharif stays as Paksitan's premier.

                      Sonia Gandhi will be very tough on Pakistan. She has made an issue of importing Pakistani sugar. India-Italy relations would improve with Sonia as the prime minister.

                      Looks like Benazir Bhutto will be the new prime minister after Nawaz Sharif is forced out of office.


                        Results are out in the next 24 hours.
                        Three different surveys have given three
                        different results.

                        Doordarshan survey
                        NDA - 287 Congress 174

                        STAR TV
                        NDA 295-305 Congress 155

                        NDA 242 Congress 227


                          Parties Won Leading Total
                          BJP + Allies 62 193 255
                          Cong + Allies 28 110 138
                          Others 8 97 105
                          Total 98 400 498

                          News Updates Last Updated: Oct 6, 21:32 IST
                          Position: All India 537 seats

                          Results declared 98
                          BJP-allies 62
                          Cong-allies 28

                          Left 3
                          Others 5

                          Punjab: Vinod Khanna, BJP wins from Gurdaspur

                          Tamil Nadu: Subramanian Swamy, JP loses his deposit in Madurai. He was responsible for bringing down the government.

                          Orissa: Navin Patnaik, BJD leading in Aska

                          Bellary: Sonia Gandhi leading by over 25000 votes

                          Bihar: Yashwant Sinha leading in Hazirbagh, Ram Vilas
                          Paswan leading in Hajipur

                          Meghalaya: PA Sangma, NCP leading in Tura

                          Uttar Pradesh: BJP trailing

                          Madhya Pradesh: BJP's Nitish Kumar Bhardwaj trailing

                          West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool Congress wins

                          Andhra Pradesh: TDP-BJP leading in 13 seats (+6)

                          Maharashtra: BJP-Shiv Sena leading in 14, Cong-RPI in 3,
                          NCP-allies 2, Others: 1

                          Tamil Nadu: Vaiko of MDMK leads in Sivakasi

                          Maneka Gandhi leading in Pilibhit by 15000 votes

                          Punjab: Congress leading in 10 out of the 13 seats

                          Maharashtra: Sharad Pawar leading in Baramati

                          Uttar Pradesh: Kanpur Congress WINS

                          BJP: Murali Manohar Joshi WINS from Allahabad

                          Rajasthan: Pali - Congress loses it seat to BJP;
                          in Kota, BJP is leading, in Jalore, Bhuta Singh of Congress trailing

                          Andhra Pradesh: GMC Balayogi leads in Amalapuram

                          Rajasthan: Rajesh Pilot leading in Dausa

                          Madhya Pradesh: S Patwa, Congress leading

                          Orissa: Bhubhneswar wins BJD wins

                          Gujarat: Kashiram Rana of BJP leading in Surat

                          Tamil Nadu: P Chidambaram trailing in Shivaganga

                          TN: Vellore, PMK leading

                          West Bengal: Siddharata Shankar Ray of Congress trailing

                          In Mumbai South Jaywantiben Mehta of BJP wins

                          BJP wins both seats in Goa

                          BJP clean sweeps Delhi, wins all 7 seats

                          DR MANMOHAN SINGH LOSES

                          BJP: AB VAJPAYEE, LK Advani, Uma Bharati WIN


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                              The Kashmiri party National Conference has decided to join NDA (National Democratic Alliance) . Atal Bihari Vjapayee will be sworn in as PM of India after being a caretaker PM for last 5 months.