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Sectarian Violence & other major problems for Pakistan Government

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    Sectarian Violence & other major problems for Pakistan Government

    Faced with somewhat unified opposition, propaganda of resentment in Army Generals, weak economy and sectarian violence, how long do you guys think this government of Nawaz Shareef will last???

    Will it finish the term?? Or will it be sacked by Army or other constitutional means??

    Your thoughts???

    The trouble is if Nawaz goes who will take over. We have been traumitised by two bouts each of Benazir and Nawaz governments. After coming to power with such thumping majority he has made a mess of things. It only proves that he is not capable of handling the affairs of the state and should go, but who will replace him. Maybe it is this factor which is keeping him in power. What alternative's do we have. Benazir, tried and found to be incompetent and corrupt. Imran untried, untested, maybe the next PM. How about general (Retd) Gul Hameed, at least he is a nationalist, and will think about Pakistan and its people unlike this current lot. Gohar Ayub is also a probable candidate, even though he is too much tarnished by Nawaz's image.

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