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Iran - Beginning of a De-revolution

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    Iran - Beginning of a De-revolution

    There is a full-page write-up in today’s New York Times on the Centennial of Ayatollah Khomeini’s birth. The speech made by Mr. Khatami (the President) sends a positive message.

    When student shouted and carried placard “Death to the opponents of Khatami”. This is what Mr. Khatami said, I quote:

    “No, No, I don’t like to hear slogans like that, I don’t like to hear Death to Opponents, or Death to anybody, because as matters stand in our society at present it will be interpreted in a very negative way, as meaning that anybody who does not share your views should be silenced, and that’s not right at all. The Iran we want should be one where there will be room for all the different viewpoints, for all ideologies, even those that oppose the President. They too must have the right to express themselves”.

    Am I hearing “freedom of expression” here or am I missing something? If I think what Mr. Khatami says is what I think, more power to him. It is about time that Iranians got rid of the old stock so opposing to giving its people a freedom to express, and wishing Death for anyone whom does not think like them.

    Iran will be back. I had been a great civilization and cultured people. I have heard, though I am not an authority, that lot of credit for intellectual developement of Islamic theology goes to Iran. And of course, it produced great poets and writers before and after the advent of Islam. If shah of Iran slowly went to democracy as kings of Japan and Thailand did, this mess would not have occured.