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If prostitution is legalized, so...

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    If prostitution is legalized, so...

    dear brothers and sisters!

    After being very hurted person, i will
    ask all of you to be honest and rethink again what you are talking about! Have you ever thought what kind of risk we are taking by saying that Pakistan should legalize the prostitution?

    I tell you what the output would looks like if the government legalized the prostitution.

    1. pakistani people are already gareeb logh.
    2. many analphabate (cant write and read)
    3. Still many girls get married at early age
    4. many women dont participate in everyday
    job in official position.

    if legalized, then following will happen

    1. many girl say why study when you can earn legally by doing prostitution.
    2. Because of poverty, many escially in
    villages start working like prostitutes
    3. There will be fewer women who are virgin.
    4. As we know men prefer women who are virgin.
    5. Men start marrying with western women since the pakistani women also lost their morality and respect to our Islam, so what the different.

    Marry with the neighboor's girl

    I hope i will join in your wedding marriages where i see you marry with a western women.

    the knowlegde is more sharper than a laserknife.


    Dear Shamas,

    These are all very valid points. Each point you have made deserves to be debated.

    First of all, Legalizing it wont make every girl work in this profession. Being a doctor is legal is Pakistan, how many women doctors do you see? By your account, all girls should be doctors then.

    Virginity for women? How about for men? If they canít accept a woman with sexual experience, they should have the same expectation for fellow men, not just for women.

    Marrying a Western woman? Where did you get this one from? Do you think that Western women are trash and have no morals?


      NYA wrote:
      >>Being a doctor is legal is Pakistan, how many women doctors do you see?<<

      your analogy doesn't stand a good ground. To be hooker, u don't need to spend 7 yrs at a medical school and hence u don't see that many women doctors


        Dear KK,

        I have one question for you, and a little explanation.

        First question:

        Y2K. Why not just one K?

        Now explanation:

        It was only an example (I agree, it was not a good one). I should have used some other analogy.


          Dear NY!

          I guess you understood me a bit. I just wanted to tell you that if girls realize that the prostitution is equally like a job and you earn mcuh money on this ##, and live in luxury for rest of life. So why take high education.
          To handle this problem, then the governmnet should let the education until 12th class should be free for all. No fees and such things, only for higher education.
          Then i am sure that many people will take theirs education very seriuosly.

          By marrying with western girl i mean those women are equally trash like pakistani women, so what the different, you tell me then!

          [This message has been edited by sabah (edited September 29, 1999).]


            I know why people cant reply on this thread,
            because pakistani people are very good at negative side of subject than good topics.
            I am totally hurted by own desi people who shows little feeling in such topics like this one.

            the knowlegde is like quantum ball.
            It can be at two place at same time.
            It can be silly and clever at same time.