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Indians defeat Pakistan in yet another Foreign Policy.

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    Indians defeat Pakistan in yet another Foreign Policy.

    Appointment of special envoy on Kashmir ruled out

    Washington, September 30: Both the White House and the State Department have ruled out the appointment of a ‘special envoy’ for Kashmir as demanded by some American lawmakers, forcing the United States as a mediator in the 50-year-old dispute much against the wishes of India.

    Veteran Democratic Congressman Gary I Ackerman on Wednesday announced that there is no change in the Clinton administration's policy. The Co-Chairman of the Congressional Caucus on Indian and Indian Americans, who issued a statement after discussions with the officials of the two important wings of the government, said, “Iwelcome this resolute 'no-special-envoy' position of the administration.”

    ”The administration realises fully that Kashmir is a bilateral issue that can be best resolved through the bilateral dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad,” Ackerman added. The New York lawmaker, who met the Minister for External Affairs Jaswant Singh at the United Nations, said, “it is in the spirit of the Shimla agreement that the Lahore declaration was issued last February. In that declaration, both New Delhi and Islambad renewed their commitments to carry out the Shimla accord.”

    Ackerman also opposed the demand for the expansion of the UN observer mission in Kashmir. “I believe that such steps only reward Pakistan for its aggression and acts of terrorism and would do nothing to further efforts toward peace in South Asia. In fact, our naming a special envoy or seeking an enhanced role for the UN will be clearly seen as an external meddling in India's internal affairs. In others words, any such move will have the opposite of the intended effect,” he added.

    I wonder how much Jaswant Singh paid Ackerman to gain thsi so called victory.


      Admin, Please start checking Id for all the memebers here, we should not allow minors to post their issues here. Or you can start another Forum for naney muney visitors from other countries.
      Just a thought!!!!!!!!



        Pakistan has all its life blamed the others for its loss. Take for example when

        1. Pakistan lost the world cup the poor
        players were blamed for taking bribe
        and match fixing.

        2. Pakistan was beaten badly in the Kargil
        misadventure the Government and Army
        officers said it was the local militants
        but finally the army accepted the fact
        that it was the army not the militants.

        3. When Pakistan spy plane was brought down
        by the Indian Air force the Pakistan
        Airforce and the government said it was
        not a spy plane but a survilance plane
        with unarmed crews, once again a pack of
        lies and needless to blame India for
        their misadventure.

        4. Now when Pakistan lost the war at the
        Foreign ministry level you say that
        India has given money.

        Why don't you accept the fact that Pakistan can never win with India at any level be it at war or foreign ministry level or be it the economy. You need to learn from your mistakes. Your ministers are only geting consoled by the States but in reality they are beaten badly.


          Stop living in fools paradise gharib, but then you cant help it you live in India, the biggest fools paradise since humanity came into existence. Do you know the number of US legislators who have supported the appointment of a special envoy on Kashmir. It far outnumbers the one you are crowing about. As for Pakistan never beating India you obviously dont look at the cricket and hockey results. We beat the pants of your teams. The victory at Kargil acheived at the ratio of one freedom fighter to 5000 Indian soldiers proves how professional and brave these H******* are. Pathetic nations cannot do much so why dont you emigrate to a real country.


            ehsan you are living in a fools paradise where even the media has no democracy to write against the government the biggest fools on paradise are the pakistanis who fool each other that's the very reason we have created pakistan (a fools paradise) so that all the fools of this world in remain in e place .

            The number of US legislators who have supported the appointment of a special envoy to Kashmir has no saying in any of the world matter the few (42) is vetoed by one Indian supporter.

            The ratio given by you shows that you are also a blind figure in Pakistan, the truth was hidden by your government and when the defeat was at your doorstep and to raise the morale of the people of Pakistan, the media, army and the government of Pakistan started giving wrong figures of the Indian Soldiers death, even your army and the government said that Indian's had suffered 50,000 deaths, there was more number of your soldiers killed in the war.

            Ehsan, if you are a student studying in school or college, finish your studies and come to this forum becuase you knowledge is as bad as the pakistani army.


            RAM RAM.