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Pakistan should Legalize Prostitution

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    Pakistan should Legalize Prostitution

    Prostitution was legal in Pakistan until 1974 when Bhutto made it illegal under pressure from the Mullahs. After it was banned, many prostitutes moved from legal brothels to other neighborhoods in big cities. Almost all neighborhoods in Lahore had a ‘house’ where this trade flourished underground. Now, with the drawing nigh of sexually transmitted diseases (like AIDS), it is in Pakistan’s own interest to legalize prostitution. By doing so, the authorities can treat this ‘profession’ like other trades by taxing and administering the permits for prostitutes. Authorities should also enforce cleanliness (disease free) of the environment where this occurs. Much like the Netherlands, where prostitutes are routinely screened for STDs and their permits are not renewed should they be a carrier.

    By not legalizing, this trade is still going on in many places (big and small) in Pakistan. Pretty much like the availability of Alcohol. If you have money, you can get anything in Pakistan (including rocket launchers).

    Please note that Prostitution is NOT legal in the United States.

    Why not?


      NYa so you telling us how it to new york by steping out of religious circle haan hey worked for you, i wonder if it will work for pakistan...hmmmmmm i dont think soo, household ideas dont work for big countries! ! Now dont get angry...


      Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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          i agree
          it should be legalized in the interest of the citizens of the country
          and in the interest of those who are in this business or forced into it


            For legalizing, one can argue that prostitition is here to stay. and if u legalize it, you can have medical check-up of sex workers and decrease the spread of diseases. state can earn some money for licencing and have a check on forced prostitution if every woman has to go through variuous checks. Again if you do not legalize, crime gangs and mafias who connect to police and politicians own up these businesses and get stronger.

            For not legalizing, one can argue that legalizing will increase the spread. For example, liquor is banned in a part of India where I stayed for some time. The people who are drunkards do get drink. But the people who occasionaly drink stop drinking since it is to much trouble. Also new people don't get introduced to drink, relatively less. Once you ban the product, u can not advertize also. It stops the curious people to from getting in the mess.

            I am in favor of not legalizing. But in big areas which are historically red-light areas, govt. should focus on health care rather than stamping out the brothels.


              Fellows..the sole purpose of NYAhmedi is to incite Muslims by touching up issues which are clearly abhored in the Quran and Islam. He has written posts about pork, alcohol and now prostitution. Most of the time he just starts a thread and sits back and enjoys the back and forth arguments, the outbursts by Muslims, and the idiotic fightbacks by people who agree with him. Just think about it. As Muslims, are these topics even worth giving time of day?


                I think those involved in prostitution and those supporting it should be beheaded and sent to hell where they belong. There shouldn't be any place for such poeple in Pak. As far prostitution legalizing supporter here like NYAhmadi and Nadia, I understand they have full freedom to expend their bussiness in U.S and Autrallia respectively just spare Pak please. specially its a shame for a female to be supporting prostitution. Can do yourself anything you want, just spare the Pak society.


                  You talked about legalizing Prostitution cuz it causes aids and That **** ... next time use A CONDOM! just a suggestion hehehe


                    Dear NYA

                    From your other posts also (including this one) it appears that you want every wrong thing in the world to be legalized in Pakistan. Why is that so???????????


                      oh great garbage again

                      ok lets see the facts now

                      Pakistan or as u ppl call it Islamic Republic of Pakistan (hahahah) contains brothels, prostitues, sluts, blah blah blah ...and not only that but Pakistan or as u ppl call it Islamic republic of Pakistan (yeah right) contains men who are supposedly muslims (now we wont have men coming over from singapore, iran or iraq to just visit the brothels...will we? ) and these men go to the brothels .....

                      tali do hatoon say bajti hay

                      there i proved that saying right

                      so if ur Pakistan is really a Islamic Republic of Pakistan then why in the first place does it allow or permit such activites ???????

                      and if the citizens are really true followers of Islam (yeah right again) then why do they visit such places when they are and this is a fact "allowed to marry four times"

                      hmm kinda interesting and food for thought now would u say ....?

                      the topic was brought up not because of some vengeance against muslims (though NYA has been fuming tempers and he should be given credit for it) but it was brought up cause its a fact and it exists.

                      now i advice all u so loyal citizens and true muslims (yeah right again) to scamper over to ur beloved country and wipe out the whole damn "Prostitution Mundi"


                        If politicians can move freely, what is wrong with prostitutes?

                        At least prostitutes give what they promise.


                          Nadia...its so easy for you to make Pakistan a scapegoat, as if pakistan is the only country in the world where it happens. I believe there are very few countries in the world where prostitution is legalized. Is it legal where you live, wherever that is? and if not, why dont u mouth off to the aussies about that and see what their response is? Pakistan is such a handy punching bag for you people. If you have nothing good to say about Pakistan, dont say anything at all. If you dont have any ideas for improving Pakistan, then just stay put and dont spread malice. Whatever ur and NYahmedis agendas are, they certainly have nothing to do with the betterment of Pakistan. All you can talk about is whats 'wrong' with Pakistan. Did u ever bother to see all the things that are 'right' with Pakistan and try to build on that? Yes, underground prostitution goes on in Pakistan in full swing, but where does ur logic of legalizing it make sense just because its so rampant? Heck, legalize corruption....its rampant in Pakistan too. legalize murder...and robberies..and every evil deed...cause as long as there is a single human being on this earth, there will be crime or misbehavior in some shape or form.


                            Dear Mr. Akif (what a strange name)

                            Pakistan is not the only country that it happens......dah ofcourse....any idiot will tell u that

                            Nobody is punching anything (what is this a boxing match) nope dearie we tried to discuss a topic (might i add a common topic) however due to the narrowmindedness or short temper of a few (and the result of such ppl can be seen all over the political forum ..india vs pakistan) the topic became yet another battle ground ...
                            ..shucks when wil this nation ever learn

                            hello mr we were discussing an idea that was for "Improving Pakistan" ....
                            u just cant turn a blind eye on the matter and say keep on muttering under ur breath
                            "it doesnt exist, it doesnt exist...."

                            sure prostitution is in full swing all over the world aus too but mr before u mouthed this dialogue of yours, did u consider the ways it swings in aus and in pak ....
                            ...knock knock ...waakie waakie ..hello

                            oh before i forget ....point out one thing (besides the nuclear idioticiy) that is right about pakistan ....and if its so right then why in the world are all of u living overseas???

                            face it mr pakistan has loads of wrong with it ......prostitution let alone one ...

                            its upto u to legalize murder, corruption or whatever .....
                            ooh forget politics cause its already legalized and what bout rishwat yeah yeah legalized......
                            pls grow up .....stop this cat and dog fight ......ur no more civil then we are...
                            if we tend to see problems with an open mind, then learn to deal with it rather then going on bout with ur cat and dog fight ....

                            no wonder the country is in deep s....

                            i hope next time the topics will be seen as civilized discussions and not some "Pani pat ki larai"

                            man u ppl are so wahshi


                              btw before i turn in for the night

                              lets come back to the main topic ....

                              why was it said that "Prostitution should be legalized" is because not of some god damn freaking pleasure

                              but in the interest of humanity ...
                              in the interest of those who are in this trade and in the interest of those who go to such places ......

                              before half of the populatin dies of AIDS and excuses are made that he/she died of cancer (what a shame .....a problem exists and u ppl are turning ur backs on it)
                              before this happens and "Pakistan ko sharam say apna sar duniya main jhukana paray cause its population is dying of AIDS"
                              before the i think some strong actions should be taken against it

                              bann it
                              legalize it
                              i sure dont wanto go into a hospital and get blood transfusion infected with AIDS cause some junkie who is a regular brothel visiter had contracted AIDs on his last visit