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India likely to be UN Security Council's permanent member.

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    India likely to be UN Security Council's permanent member.

    India the world's largest democracy with a population of One billion people may soon be the permanent member of United Nations Security Council (UNSC). India has beefed up lobbying for acquiring a permanent seat at the UNSC. India's External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh has been extensively lobbying for the purpose during his visit to the UN.

    Greece and Jamaica have extended support for India's claim to the permanent UNSC membership. This support is in addition to the one France held out to India on Friday. India has already received support from Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Egypt, Mexico, Iraq and Canada. Pakistan earlier proposed that the Security Council's composition should be made more representative. Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz made the suggestion -- which has helped India in its campaign -- in his draft speech to be delivered at the UN General Assembly.

    Yes Sartaj Aziz's speech was aimed at helping push for India's case to join the Security Council. Sartaj Aziz as we all know is an Indian spy! Mohabbat has uncovered the conspiracy.

    I personally think the security council should look at some other nations who are much better capable of joining the Security Council (which by the way is a useless body, doing little good to protect the people who need protection most). Canada comes to mind (right now it has a temporary position on the Council - it should be made a permanant member). Canada should gain such a status before India. Canada's record of peace-keeping and general record back home is better than India's could ever be.



      Looks like its certain India will be a permanent member of UNSC. United States is on the verge of supporting India. India has a strong contendor Japan. But in Beijing, a leading Chinese official
      newspaper said Japan was not qualified to be a permanent member of the Security Council in
      view of Tokyo's history of aggression and its
      fresh attempts to emerge as a big power. ``An
      economic giant cannot buy its way into the
      Security Council.

      Greece, Tunisia, Jamaica, Namibia and Sri
      Lanka are some more names of countries that have supported India's claim.


        Any new members in the SC would be filling up sinecure posts only. The veto powers would still be with the Big 5. So India has to decide whether it is worth wasting money and effort on something which is not that rewarding. Also the UN has lot its hold in the world stage. It is more of the US led western powers which are taking most of the decisions


          Is it Big 5 or just United States and its chela Great Britian. With India becoming the permanent member how much does US and Great Britian cares if India opposed to what they say and do. Remember Russia opposed Kosovo bombing, what happened, US and great Britian bombed Kosovo. China and Russia opposed Iraq bombing , what happened.

          United States is United Nations that's plain simple. And for all these years India has never been on US's FAVORITE LIST.