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Just leave us alone ..................

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    Just leave us alone ..................

    The only All Parties Hurriyat Conference leader from occupied Kashmir has asked Pakistan to leave the Kashmiris alone and let them continue their own struggle for their right to self-determination.

    Apparently ill and weak, Abdul Ghani Lone, who was allowed by India to come to the US only for three months for medical treatment, was extremely bitter and angry with Pakistan, specially after the Kargil crisis and the humiliation which, he said, had been heaped on Kashmiris and Pakistan.

    He met some Pakistan correspondents at a dinner hosted by a community activist, Dr Nisar Chaudhry, for visiting Senate Chairman Waseem Sajjad at his Maryland home on Saturday night.

    Asked what specifically the APHC wanted Pakistan to do for the Kashmiris in political, financial or military terms, Mr Lone said: "Just leave us alone."

    "Kargil has also proved that Pakistan cannot liberate Kashmir. We have been facing and confronting the might of one of the largest armies in the world for 12 years but Pakistan could not stand to some small pressure from the international community," he said.

    What does he have to say about India? He probably spits and urinates on the flag everyday (at least in his heart).