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The "Talibanization" of Pakistan

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    The "Talibanization" of Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) has told the US lawmakers that Islamabad needs support to check radical religious elements in the country, the newspaper Dawn reported on Sunday. ISI chief Lieutenant General Ziauddin made this point to a key Congressional intelligence committee in Washington during a briefing on the threat of religious extremism in Pakistan, the paper said.

    Many members of the US intelligence committee were worried about the prospects of ``Talibanization'' of Pakistan and asked the ISI chief what would happen to Pakistan's nuclear programme in case of political upheaval, the Washington correspondent of the paper said. A ``South Asian military source'' had also been briefing American newspapers about the threat of mullahs in Pakistan, according to the correspondent.

    Friday's Washington Times quoted the unnamed source as saying that ``Pakistan's instability and crumbling economy are opening the doors to either a coup by the military or an attempt to seize power by the mullahs.''

    Last week, the US angered Pakistanis by issuing a public warning against a military coup directed against premier Nawaz Sharif's government which is facing growing agitation for change in the streets.

    Basically, the US was not worried about an army coup but it was scared of a takeover by ``fundamentalist Islamic radicals in the Pakistan army,'' the Dawn report said.

    Meanwhile, an Urdu journal published from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) has claimed that Islamic militants were in a position to use poisonous gases and chemical weapons in Kashmir.

    The Jehad-e-Kashmir of Muzaffarabad, quoting unnamed sources among militants, claimed that they were in a position to produce poisonous gas which could suffocate one to death.

    An American who converted to Islam and has joined militants in Kashmir was the brain behind the ``invention'', the journal said.

    The Taliban were creating a launchpad in the Chitral district of the PoK for attacks into India, according to the Asia Defence News International (ADNI).

    Gunmen, clad in Afghan attire and b*****shing sophisticated weaponry, are visiting government offices to identify Ismailis and non-Ismailis and are issuing orders to the local population. Government offices and institutions are shut down at will, according to an ADNI release.

    Immediately after the Kargil conflict, resentment erupted among the local population of neighbouring Skardu, which was the main base for the training and forming up of the Northern Light Infantry (NLI).

    The menfolk of this area were used as cannon fodder and their bodies had been left to rot in the mountains from Mushkoh to Turtuk adjoining the Siachen glacier.

    Riots took place in August and the local population demanded that the mujahideen be removed from Skardu.

    The commissioner and deputy inspector-general of police, Chitral, have rushed to the town to defuse the situation and 10 additional platoons of paramilitary forces have been rushed there.

    Some of this you say came from Dawn, where did the rest come from? You say an 'Urdu journal" published in pakistan - whats its name?

    I don't think any Pakistani journal would call any part of Kashmir - POK.



      Also its not clear from your post, whether your talking about the Talibanization of Pakistan or the Talibanization of Indian occupied Kashmir.

      What is clear is that you suffer from a condition of paranoia when it comes to the Taliban, like others in India.