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Will the subcontinent unite/reunite in the near future?

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    Will the subcontinent unite/reunite in the near future?

    Will the subcontinent unite/reunite in the near future?.not as india not as pakistan.

    ?By sub-continet i primarly mean indian and akistan.....and maybe bangladesh etc.Anyway i i wanna hear ur opinions on this!

    it will unite when the oppresssed classes of these two nations finally unites(the working class,peasants etc)...if pakistani workers make a revolution against the upper classes they must have the support of the indian working class and the international working class because a working class revolution cannot survive in a singel country in a capitalist world.The only way to that is by crushing nationalism and racism(because these two evils binds the slaves to their masters and make slaves kill slaves from other nations)!If the pakistani ruling class go to war against india ,pakistani workers must fight AGAINST PAKISTAN because they have more in common with the indian workers than a pakistani general,capitalist or a pakistani landlord.They must fight against their own country,and make revolution.The international duty of indian workers is also to fight against their own country during a war(or all the time)and make a revolution.If the international working class follow our example we will have a world revolution that will end capitalism forever and the whole WORLD would finally unite!!WE HAVE WORLD TO WIN!...WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! before anyone of you begins to talk about sovietunion,"communism is impossible" etc etc I suggest that you read all of my lenghty replys on the post"afghanistans number one enemy" because I dont wanna write the same things over and over again!


      Now who exactly is a worker? And who are the rulers? It isn't that simple anymore, commi. Democracy has made peaceful alternatives possible, internal rebellion and civil war are the worst things that can happen to a developing country.

      And what is this "fight against their own country" business? Kill themselves or commit suicide? The country is it's people, for God's sake!
      Simple ain't easy.


        Interesting post,,,,
        It depends on what you mean by reunite..
        I think its not just a possibility , but an eventuality...
        I can see pakistan and India having improved business relationship, which may eventually go on to using same currency, like europe..I can see the borders being open between the two countries i.e no passport or visa europe and USA/Canada...
        Cultural exchange , which is already there can be developed , actually will be developed still further..
        Its not a bad idea to have seperate identities,as we have for different states/provinces, which are used to describe a cultural group , rather then used to draw lines ...
        So for all intents and purposes , these countries can have reationship not very different then one province has with another..Of course in the context of maximum regional autonomy...
        I dont know what the role/form of military can be...all i can at this time is thatin future there may not be a need for that....( ok Call me a dreamer), but I never said its gonna happen tomorrow...maybe in 100 or 200 yrs....but that is the ultimate direction for mankind....India/ Pakistan or any other nation in the world....
        If you look at it that way , the uselessness of resourses in man and material lost today seem even more meaningless..


          Whenever we will have a sensible leader ship on both side, we will unite like it said in above post. I think this will be a perfect solution for us if we give Kashmire a full independence like Swiss have and make a tourist spot. They don't need any army and they can survive on revenue generated by tourism. And Pakistan and India should sign a no war pact, open borders and open traders. If we are able to do this, forget about Germany or Japan, sub-continent will be a new power. I think Russia and AMERICA knows this and thats's wht they don't want to solve kashmires problem.
          I think thats what Z. A Bhutto and Indira Ghandi were working on, but could not finish it up. And by seeing Rajiv Ghandi, he also had same kind of plan in his mind but we did not have a sensible leadership at that time.

          Just look at the future, no war pact and we are able to work together in both Science and technology and trades. I am sure we can become a bigger power than America or Russia.
          I have no doubt in that.

          But if you try to combine India and Pakistan, it will not work and will have more problems.


            I think it will never happen and I don’t think that it should happen. It will only create more problems. The independent countries of the Sub-Continent should retain their autonomy and work on their internal problems rather than create a new.

            There are 3 ways to deal with a problem: solve, resolve, or dissolve. If we define that “Unity” is the problem then we can ‘solve’ this by uniting. We can ‘resolve’ it by short of unity and by forming regional trade blocks (some of which is already in place). We can also ‘dissolve’ this problem by eliminating this problem altogether and creating a brand new problem. By that I mean is not aim for unity but look for what exactly is that we want the Unity to achieve? Is it for better race-relations, is it for better economic development, is it for greater military might. So if we aim to achieve, e.g, better race relations, the problem can be ‘dissolved’ by ‘re-breaking’ the Sub Continent into even smaller pieces Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, etc. everyone with a little piece for themselves. Therefore, I think none of the above should happen.

            What we can do is to try to bring all our differences on the table, and discuss it. Look for solutions from within. The problems with the Sub-Continent are not very dissimilar to the problems faced by other parts of the world. The only way to move forward is to fix the existing problems and not create new ones. The real problems are Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, a very high Population Growth Rate, Balance of Payments, and an extremely uneven distribution of wealth (virtually a non-existent middle class). The problems of race relations, human rights, civil liberties, and religious intolerance and discrimination are only a result of the economic disparity. Once the tummy is fed, the hands don’t fight (although not in all cases).

            And what do you propose the new name of the United Sub Continent? I will say (if it ever happens) to name it USA (United States of Asia).


              How do you solve a problem, The biggest and mother of all problems is WAR. If you eliminate that you will have

              1. More money to deal with other problems
              2. You will have lot more money to deal with other problems
              3. And you will have lots of money to deal with other problems.

              Yeah thats what the problem is. We are forced to spent 8 out 10 rupees on our defence. How could we solve any thing with 2 rupees, we can start another war between us to decide who will get that 2 rupees.
              If we have no war pact, we can work on economy, we can work on technology. If you look around in USA or UK, how many of Indian and Pakistanis and selling their tallents for GREEN $$$$.
              And talking about solving problem with racism and religeon, I think it is impossible and thats why I am against the unification of Sub-continent. Nobody can solve this problem, this even exist between Americans and Canadians although they both are white but they still trading with each other because it's benificial for both of them. I think with same thinking we can also work together to creat a better sub-continent.



                I don't think it will happen. I think a more likely scenario would be further division. Division on ethnic lines. The Balkanization of Pakistan is a more likely scenario than the re-unification (was India ever unified?) with India. Separatist movements exist on both sides of the border. As long as wealth continues to channel its way into the pockets of a few and as long as power is concentrated in the hands of a select group belonging to particular ethnic groups, you can't dream of unification. Pakistan and India have problems unifying themselves under one separate yet fully functioning nation state, I don't think its possible for them to unify with one another.

                Perhaps brokering economic cooperation through increased trade linkages and the exchange of knowledge would be better suited (as mentioned by others). Kashmir is the biggest obstacle to any progress though - and that problem isn't going away any time soon.



                  Queer!please read me replys on the post "afghanistans number one enemy"I have explained everything for "who is worker"...everyone who sell their labourpower in order to survive is a fact if you only call the industrial worker as worker then there is more workers in south korea today than whole of the world in marx time..But pleasee read my replys


                    one more thing the nation isnt the people!even its democraty the working class have economical controll,not even the politician have it...that power is in the hand of capitalists,bank,imf,etc....I live in scandinavia one of the richest areas of the world...but here capitalists like Røkke who have billions of dollars dont pay tax!but if your a worker you pay 34% tax!in strikes here you get beaten up by the police!why doesnt capitalist pay taxes? because they have the capital power to blackmail the goverments!poverty is in rise all over europe..1 of 3 children in england is born in poverty,35% of the french population live in poverty...le pen and the facist national front have benefitted from this..the so called miracle of capitalism japan and indonesia are in big trouble today,living standards are going down dramitically(nobody would have believed you if had predicted a revolution in far east asia for 5 years ago...but today indonesia and south korea have experinced lots of rebellions and uprisings,the only thing thats not there is a party that could lead them),the working class in usa was one of the richest for 20 years ago but today theyre one of the poorest in the western world...people work in average 2 months more than 20 years ago and there have been a decline in wages!!AND USA IS SOCALLED DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY!Capitalism like anything else will not last humanity have the choice to between savagery or socialism...because everytime there is crises facist gain support..just look what happend in the 1930s..hitler ,mossulini,franco ..all came to power because there were no strong socialist party (who could have beaten them)and because of the crises...the war began because
                    there were crises and the socalled socialists
                    supported their own country instead of fighting against it....the only people who fought against their own socalled mothercountry were the bolcheviks...I have wrote alot about in the post "afghanistans number one enemy"..please read as you can see even people here in scandinavia are pissed about the system and capitalists..infact just take a look at the election results from norway...the turn out was the lowest since the 1920s..people are beginning to understand that the goverments only works for the capitalists thus theyre the ruling was just marx said 150 years ago....I have lot more to say but no time my replys queer ok?worker of the world unite!


                      in the first line in my last reply have an error!what is right is this:THE WORKING CLASS DONT HAVE THE ECONOMICALL POWER....but banks have it etc..ok?


                        Current Indian leadeship does not have the vision, intellect and charisma which comes anywhere close to Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar, Azad etc. And we should keep in mind that despite such a leadership India was unable to avoid partition. Except feeble support of Gaffar Khan and ANP, Gandhi had no support in muslim-majority areas. How likely it is that Vajapayee or sonia will have it? no way.

                        Any such situation will yield a state with 50% Muslims. It will definitely have periodic calls for jehad. Are Hindus ready for this situation. will they be able to manage such state. What are they going to gain by it. Neither pak nor bangladesh have any natural resources. in fact, they are not even self sufficient in food. What for? in fact i put these points to anant before.

                        Unless India has a leader like china had after mao's death, india can not prosper economically. India should also learn from chinese a long term planning. here there are elections every year and even when govt. is in power, you do not know what our george fernades will speak tomorrow.

                        india-pak relations are going to take turn to worse. whatever impression pakistanis have of kargil, in india it is considered stab in the back. it will be impossible to create the atmosphere of lahore ride again. people will be sceptical.