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Drugs and the Color of your Skin

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    Drugs and the Color of your Skin

    In a discussion about Fatwas, and Drug dependency of Afghan Fanatics, Achtung says:

    >Good, they give us arms to kill one another and we dump drugs into there markets.<

    Achtung is referring to the USA’s markets. This is totally mind boggling. How can anyone justify drugs? This is the kind of thinking that makes in ‘some’ westerners’ minds why is it justifiable to punish fanatics and morons. In my opinion, proponents of such views are bigger enemies of Muslim countries than the threat from terrorism, underdevelopment, and illiteracy.

    I hope that Achtung’s remarks are not a reflection of his overall political ideology. The ideology of ‘justification of Hatred’ and propagation of violence with indisposed reasoning.


    You need to show some consistency here. In the General Forum you are busy espousing the virtues of alcohol with little concern to the many negative effects on society. Alcohol, like heroin is an addictive intoxicant. Which drugs are good and which are bad is a point of discussion. Somebody followed up your article by posting a 'benefits of marijuana' post. Nobody bothered to mention that the long term effects of dope are still unclear, with some claiming permanent memory loss and a whole generation of spaced out middle-aged hippies still trying to remember what happened in the sixties.

    I agree with Achtung. With films like Pulp Fiction creating a whole new interest in Heroin, this drug has become trendy once again. Everybody wins; young hedonistic western kids can get stoned out of their heads, and the poor Afghans can practise capitalism and improve their own economy by selling them some 'good ****' (western term). As an economist, surely you approve. After all, you claimed prostitution was good for the economy.

    Yup...cheers to the Kids in America; a rolled up $5 dollar bill for their nose and a needle to stick up their a$$. Here's to freedom.


      Mr. Xtreme,
      You write:
      “Yup...cheers to the Kids in America; a rolled up $5 dollar bill for their nose and a needle to stick up their a$$. Here's to freedom”

      Is this mentality out of your ignorance or just your hatred of the concept of freedom? At least have a decency to say that you believe that same thing should happen to all kids, and not just to American kids. But then again, who are we kidding here.



        this is the beauty of freedom. Anyone can choose to stick a needle up their a$$ any time they wish. I am quite free to be decent or indecent if I so wish. So if I choose to pick out the Kids in America for the needle in the a$$ treatment, whilst ignoring the kids of other countries, I am quite free to do so. Is there a law against it?

        Have you seen Pulp Fiction NYA? It is an American film. In it you will see a lot more than needles being stuck up American a$$es. In light of this, you should consider my posts to be a tribute to American culture.

        Only in America...


          Xtreme, the beauty is in the freedom of your posts as well. A testimonial to freedom, given to you by the Good Old America. Do you have any of that given to you by your religion? Yes your religion does give you freedom – to marry four wives (regardless of age differences), to treat your women like a piece of commodity, to force worship. And here you are ‘adopting’ to the freedoms given to you by Law of the Land, and ignoring the ones given to you by your phony blogine beliefs.



            Yes it is true about the 4 wives are allowed to me, but that's not for me to argue with, it's in the Qur'an so it comes from Allah. Ask your dad about it. I could come out with some apologist crap but why should I? It's in there (for whatever reason) and I didn't put it there so that's the end of it.

            Treat women like commodities? I don't think that's a part of Islam my pig-guzzling friend. If you go to your local newsagents and take a peek at the top shelf I think you might find plenty of American women being treat like commodities.

            Or if you ask your neighbour in the USA he might be able to provide you with a catalogue where you can pick a nice teenage bride (non-muslim - just for you) from the Phillipines. Or go to Thailand for a 'holiday' and you won't even have to marry your partner for the duration of your stay. For a paltry sum, she will wash and cook for you as well as perform any extra-curricular services you require. You might have to wait in line behind a few other citizens of the USA though - it's a popular resort. As a strong supporter of prostitution I am sure you practise what you preach.

            There's a big market in the US for child porn too. Amazing how those into that sort of things turn out to be respectable professionals like bankers, judges and teachers isn't it? More often than not, middle-aged. Next time you see that guy across the road watering his plants with that crooked little smile curling up at the corner of his mouth you should stop and pause to think.

            Still, you can't argue that there is no freedom in America. Any country where you can lawfully sodomise teenage boys is well on the way to freedom. Pass the KY cream NYAhmadi?



              Yes.. but that is for people to decide what they want to do. No one is telling anyone to abuse (for lack a better term) those freedoms. It only becomes a problem when it is legitimized, which your religion has. There is more child abuse and little boy’s molestation in may parts of Pakistan also, it is not just a western phenomenon.

              No one is telling you to buy those magazines that you don’t like (you seem to know a lot about these magazine and porno movies). No one is forcing you to go buy mail order brides. Perhaps addressing others with respect will be a good start by morons like you. But again, that might not be sanctioned by your Quran, that says not to trust people of other faiths.


                You know the saying NYA; for evil to prosper it only needs good people to do nothing - ie, put it down to personal choice. So if you are saying it is personal choice to have sodomy of teenage boys (or girls for that matter - let's not be sexist here) then by my reckoning you are illicitly approving of it.

                And then maybe you could get pictures of it put in the top shelf magazine in your local newsagent. How do I know so much about porn mags and videos? where do you think I've been living for the past 20 years, on the moon? NYA, I have never been to Iceland but I know that Eskimoes live there, do you get my drift? Nice try NYA, but I am just a shy muslim boy who blushes at even mentioning these subjects. However in the Qur'an we are told to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, so in the interests of society I am forced to speak out. Why are you so uncomfortable with it is the more pertinent question? Like the thief who doesn't want to discuss where he's hidden his loot perhaps?

                Come on NYA, you are the first to champion women's causes in other areas, maybe you should think about their well-being in these issues as well? Think of those poor Thai prostitutes NYA, is that a dignified life? Oh I forgot it's good for the economy. Spoken like a true economist.

                Thanks for the discussion, I've enjoyed it as ever. You might be a hog eating kafir homo/porn accepter but at least you don't try to hide it. I'm sure there's merit in there somewhere if you look hard enough.


                  Mr. Xtreme,

                  You wrote:

                  “Come on NYA, you are the first to champion women's causes in other areas, maybe you should think about their well-being in these issues as well? Think of those poor Thai prostitutes NYA, is that a dignified life?”

                  Has it ever occurred to you that some of those prostitutes might actually be in this profession because they choose to do it? Now think about Muslim women in ‘some’ places. What kind of choices do they have? I wont lecture you on that, you seem to know it more than anyone else, and you are eager to tell them what they CAN and what they CANNOT do. It is not about being a prostitute; it is about being the master of your own destiny, which unfortunately is not acceptable in your male chauvinistic society and religion.

                  With the kind of filth you utter, I would be fool to think of you as a ‘shy’ Muslim boy who blushes, you come across (at least your prose) like someone who is related to Hugh Hefner. Although I have a great respect for Mr. Hefner, as he was the champion of a landmark supreme court decision on freedom of speech.


                    NY Ahmadi - I don't support either the sale or use of drugs. That comment wasn't meant to be taken literally. I was simply trying to point out both sides of the story.

                    1) Foreign forces have dumped arms into Afghanistan (these forces include America, Russia and Pakistan). Afghanistan today has the most mines per square feet in the world. Its littered with weapons, children learn to fire a gun before they learn to open a book.
                    2) Afghanistan has a rich history of smuggling and drug production and trafficking, without any other means to support its people, (with drastic cuts in funding, in light of the strong anti-Taliban lobby), Afghans must continue the trade in drugs - although the Taliban have on countless occasions denounced both drug use and sale.

                    Your only discussing the effects drugs have on American children, you've forgotten to even mention the effects the militarization of Afghanistan has had on its children and women. All the anti-Afghan, anti-Pakistan posts that fill this discussion group fail to see the whole story. If you really want to know what created the Taliban - it was this very militarization - these people were born in refugee camps, they, they're fathers and brothers were recruited at a young age to be Mujahids and fully supported by the US government. After the Cold War was dead, USSR withdrew and the US became disengaged. Leaving a poor Afghanistan to fend for itself, with no infrastructure, no institutions, and no skilled workforce.



                      NY Ahmadi wrote: "The ideology of ‘justification of Hatred’ and propagation of violence with indisposed reasoning. "

                      Its the justification of love, not hatred. Violence doesn't necessarily have to come from feelings of hate, it can also come from feelings of intense love. True revelutionaries are motivated by feelings of love and their reasoning is far from being "indisposed".



                        Dear NYA,

                        I don't mean to offend you but, why don't you get that tree trunk off your shoulder about Islam? Why so much hate and contempt?

                        take care.