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Oh Darling !! Yeh hain India.................

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    Oh Darling !! Yeh hain India.................

    ALL IN THE FAMILY: Failed your exams? Under-qualified? Slow on the uptake? Don't despair. Just marry into the staff of Delhi University. You'll be able to sail in over the heads of those goody-goodies who wasted their time studying. And so will your children, even if they are dumber than you are.
    Teachers have been reserving places in colleges at the university for their spouses and children, although there are no rules which say they can do this. This dubious practice came under the spotlight recently when one college re-wrote its rule book to save places for grandchildren of staff or former staff.

    The university's Dyal Singh College has now enshrined nepotism as part of its policy, with spouses, children and grandchildren of ex-employees getting favourable treatment.

    The recent rule-book change was to accommodate one student who flunked her exams, Dr. B.M. Bhalla, the college principal, admitted. "This matter came up in the college in the case of one particular case," he told the Hindustan Times.

    The college wanted to allow in the granddaughter of a retired staff member from the college's Department of Botany, the newspaper reported. Her exam score was "much below" the college's lowest acceptable grade.

    One despairing teacher told the newspaper: "Next, we will have to reserve seats for nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law and so on."

    Maybe they should just change the name of the establishment to Dyal Singh College & Sons.


    KITTY LITTER: You will not be surprised to learn that shredders have been popular in Japan, a country in which senior business executives rate their privacy very highly.

    Now a firm called Meiko Shokai Co. has launched a Hello Kitty shredder, postulating that the sort of person who uses office equipment may well be attracted to the cartoon cat designed for the infant female market. This being Japan, a place where cloying cuteness is appreciated by people of all ages and both sexes, they were right, and the Hello Kitty executive shredder is apparently selling well. Can anything in Japan surprise us any more?


    DEFINITELY INFECTIOUS: Jim Placzek of Canada has been collecting bloopers from first-year college students doing conferences on Southeast Asian topics. Here are seven favourites:

    "The convection of the law of the sea includes 24 nautical miles of a contagious zone."

    "They ruthlessly suppressed the dissonants."

    "We'd offer to guild their economy, but we feared the Khmer Rough."

    "Heng Samrin defecated to Vietnam."

    ". . . the VNGKD's near-inhalation by the French."

    "The French abstained power during the Neapolithic Wars."

    "A new proposal brought froth from the honourable delegates."


    ADVANCED LEVEL GIBBERISH: Paperwork in India is unbelievably complex. So you have to applaud the Indian Customs Department for issuing a directive explaining that export procedures would be simplified and streamlined. This is it:

    pls note that the shpt under deec, depb, x-bond, dutiable pls send me the gr form because this shpts under manual processing and not in edi for re-import or exhibition goods pls send me the rbi waiver or the bank letter only for free and ddbk you have to send me the bank letter for registration this registration will be the one time registration but for each and every shpt insted of gr form you have to send me SDF form along with stam & sign.

    One baffled India-based freight forwarder told me: "If they streamline any more, water running downhill won't get out of India."

    Dear Durango,

    The public educational system in both India and Pakistan leaves a lot to be desired. Nepotism and preferential treatment are rampant in both nations. It is only due to limited availability of institutions. The only way to deal with this problem is to build more schools. The cream of Indian academia (and of Pakistan to a lesser extent) has left the country and is teaching or working overseas. These people are disheartening at local educational and employment opportunities available to them in their own countries. It is amazing to see how within a generation, (a second generation born Indian living in the USA) their average income almost doubles the national average. The do so well in the USA. The question is why canít they do it in their own country? The answer is what you pointed out in your post Ė nepotism and quota based preferential treatment.

    I am a strong believer in public education until the High School level. Our governments (Pakistan and India) should devote more resources to fix the problems at least in the elementary and secondary level, and Higher Education (university) will eventually take care of itself.

    FYI, there is a Diyal Singh College in Lahore also. In Lahore we have a joke: 3 graduates of the 3 different colleges lead the following career paths:

    1. Government College Grad becomes a politician or a judge
    2. FC College Grad becomes a prominent business leader or a professional
    3. The Grad of Diyal Singh college ends up in jail for causing trouble

    I am sorry, it is a pretty stupid joke, but thatís how it is in our Higher Education.

    I hope it makes you feel better!


      Good post. Yes it is the same in Pakistan.