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Mischievous Pakistan gets a scolding from Russia.

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    Mischievous Pakistan gets a scolding from Russia.

    Stop cross-border terrorism, Russia tells Pakistan

    MOSCOW: Amid reports of Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden's plans to send reinforcements to Chechnya, Russia has asked Pakistan to immediately stop the use of its territory for financing, training and shipping terrorists to the breakaway Soviet republic, highly-placed sources said. In a letter to his Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz, Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov, who is at present visiting Canada, demanded that Islamabad take concrete steps to check cross-border terrorism, the sources said.

    Ivanov reportedly expressed Moscow's dissatisfaction over Islamabad's repeated denials of its involvement in sending terrorists to Chechnya.

    Acting on the orders of president Boris Yeltsin, he cautioned Aziz that encouragement of such subversive activities could pose a threat to the existence of the existing regime in his country.

    According to Russian daily Izvestia, Laden, who had reportedly dispatched 70 Arab mercenaries to Chechnya, planned to send over 50 more guerrillas from his Peshawar-based centre. Izvestia said it had evidence that Pakistani, Saudi, Afghani and even Burmese mercenaries were among the Chechen militants fighting in Dagestan.

    Meanwhile in Ottawa, Canadian foreign minister Lloyd Axworthy, speaking to reporters after talks with Ivanov on Saturday, said the time had come for the Group of Eight major industrial powers to hold a special summit to discuss ways to fight terrorism. Axworthy said he and Ivanov would propose the idea at a meeting of G-8 foreign ministers in New York next week.

    The G-8 comprises Russia and the group of seven leading industrialised nations - Britain, Japan, the U.S., Italy, Canada, Germany and France.

    Ivanov said terrorism was now a world problem and could be tackled only if major powers worked together.

    Axworthy said the international community should work out a much stronger response to the increasing problems posed by terrorism. ``We are all affected because we are all so interdependent. No country can deal with this alone,'' he added.

    Even China is said to be worried about the dubious role of Pakistan's alleged role in supporting cross-border terrorism. ``China does not want to be seen on the wrong side of the fence on the question of terrorism especially with the U.S., Russia and India stepping up cooperation and consultation against state-sponsored and cross-border terrorism,'' diplomatic sources in Beijing said.

    While Beijing would not like to isolate Islamabad on the issue of its support to cross-border terrorism, it was aware that acting in concert with the U.S. and others could lead to Pakistan creating disturbances in the restive northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang, the sources said.

    ``Thus the Chinese are in a fix,'' the sources said, as the issue of international terrorism was expected to be high on the agenda of many countries, including India, at the upcoming 54th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

    The sources said, Russia, which had been seriously affected by terrorist bombings recently, would like to enlist China's active support on the issue.

    Though China has said that it supports Russian efforts to combat terrorist crimes and safeguard public security, Moscow would want Beijing to use its influence over Pakistan to stop Islamic fundamentalists fomenting trouble.

    The sources said the issue of cross-border terrorism might have cropped up during the Sino-Pakistani foreign ministry-level consultations in Islamabad.

    Another scolding from Uncle Sam too..

    Apprising Pakistan of the Saudi fugitive Osama Bin Laden's 'open Jehad' against India, the US administration has asked the Nawaz Sharif administration to further distance itself from militant groups, like Harkat-ul-Ansar (HUA), which are operating in Indian state of Jammu Kashmir.

    The HUA has several thousand armed supporters located in Pakistan administered Kashmir and in southern Kashmir and Doda regions composed of mostly Pakistanis and Kashmiris, but includes Afghans and Arab veterans of the Afghan war.

    The HUA trains its militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Harkat collects donations from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf and Islamic states and from Pakistanis. According to the US intelligence findings, Harkat has sent a large number of militants in Kashmir to fight security forces there. "The HUA and a few other militant groups were using Osama Bin Laden's Afghanistan camps to provide military training to their members. The US officials are also concerned that Osama's network is acquiring potent military capabilities. About 200 US shoulder-held anti-aircraft weapons or Stingers are still at large in Afghanistan and because of Osama's financial resources, it is highly likely he has acquired some of them," the US administration has reportedly informed Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been reminded that Osama's had earlier declared Jehad against the US after Washington listed him among the 10 most wanted terrorists in the world with a head money of $5 million for his alleged involvement in the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in August last year.

    The American administration believes that most of the hardline religious groups in Pakistan, especially Harkat-ul-Ansar, strongly support Osama. "The Nawaz administration has been reminded that recently a number of religious groups threatened Americans living in Pakistan with dire consequences, if any action was launched against Osama," the sources said.

    The US administration was convinced that the Harkat-ul-Ansar leadership was working in tandem with Osama and claimed that at least seven HUA members were killed and two dozen were wounded during last year's attacks on Osama's six training camps inside Afghanistan. Already declared a terrorist organisation by the US, Harkat-ul-Ansar was formed in October 1993 when two militant groups, Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami andHarkat-ul-Mujahideen, merged.


      What`s the point with this post?That Pakistan is the only terrorist country in the world?ALL countries of this capitalist world are more or less evil!Look at USA...they killed 200000 iraqis and 5000 children die every month in iraq because of the sanctions(UN REPORT),and as you can remember usa supported saddam with weapons and money through the 80`s when he was killing the kurds.USA have killed about 2 million people in vietnam by using chemical,biological ,all kinds of weapons!these socalled defenders of democraty brought Pinochet to power by a coup against the popular voted Allende,and gave him weapons to kill at least 50000 people in Chile...Usa has a proxy war going on against Cuba in the last 40 years,usa has intervened in latin amerika at least 90 times during the last 80 years,they droppped the atomic bombs over civilian populations of hiroshima and nagasaki....the list can go on forever!Russia have also supported a lots of terrorist guerilla movments in afrika,latin amerika etc.(but they cant today...they cant afford it!)So USA and russia can shut up!What you reap is what you sow...and now other nations are beginning to use the same old tactics of these nations!India is also guilty of crimes against is well documented that indians army regulars have raped, killed,and tortured people in Kashmir during the last 10 years(amnesty international)...and of course pakistan is guilty in the same way if you look at karachi.... But unlike you I dont support any country,because im for a world without boundries and I have a lot more in common with a indian worker than a pakistani general,land lord or a capitalist and a indian worker has more in common with me than his own rulers ...the only thing you get back for your nationalism is the certain is always ordinary people who fight the wars for their masters who just sit and observe...and if we dont`t build solidarity among ourselves today,if we dont fight against our own rulingclasses,then possibillity of war between Pakistan and India will still excist and the only people who are going to suffer are the workers,peasants,the ordinary working masses....worker of the world UNITE!


        If Russia and USA do it, it is saving humanity,like they are doing in Iraq. If somebody else does it, it is terrorism. When Kurds were killed by chemical warfare by Saddam in the early 80's, the USA and the western media, including CNN and BBC could not find any evidence of the chemicals. Funnily enough as soon as Saddam became enemy CNN and BBC suddenly found the evidence. Hypocrisy at its extreme.


          Vast majority of Pakistanis support Chechnyans and are sympathetic to their struggle to liberate Dagestan. They are sympathetic to Palestinians to liberate Palestine. They are sympathetic to Filipino Muslims to liberate Muslims from Catholic Phillippines. Hundreds of Pakistanis , fresh graduates from Islamic seminaries across Pakistan are fighting the Russians in Chechnya, fighting the Indians in Kashmir, fighting the Chinese in Xinjiang, fighting anti-Taliban forces in Kabul.

          Osama Bin Laden has sanctuary in Afghanistan, courtesy of the Taliban, which is a puppet government of Pakistan. Pakistan being the "collaborationist", is the chief provider of training and logistics to Islamic terrorism anywhere in the world from India to Phillipines and China, Russia to United States, From Sudan to Egypt.
          Pakistanis have claimed Osama Bin Laden to be their friend. JUI's Maulana Fazlur Rahman and Sipah-e-Sahaba's Maulana Azam Tariq using the Aabpara Market in Islamabad as a convenient Hyde Park have threatened to "kill all Americans on sight" if anybody touches Osama Bin Laden.
          Pakistani Army has been the target of attack in the foreign media;
          the next step is to officially label Pakistan as the source of all Islamist terrorism in the world.


            Usa supports Unita in angola(200000 dead),they supports contras(65000 dead),they supported sionist terrorist groups in palinstine before isreal was born,they support habibie and sukharto who have killed at least 1 million people in Indonesia and 1/3 of the population in east timor,they even supported pol poth (he killed 2 million people in cambodja)against vietnam,they support Turkey who have killed thousands of kurds,they support the military goverment in Guetamala who have killed 100000 indians there.....the list can go on forever....Usa have supported all these trrorists with weapon,money,advisers etc...why isnt the next step to label usa as a brutal terrorist regime?because of like you...What do you know about Palistine?When Palistine was divided(there was NO ISREAL at that time)the jews (8% of the population)got 53%of the land,the palistinian(92% of the population )got 47%..not only that people were killed ,tortured,etc by the sionist terrorists groups etc(you didnt know that or did you?)..all progressive people here in the west support the palistinian cause unlike reactionaries like for the weak belly of russia...south russia (including all the muslim areas like dagestan etc)came under russian rule when the czar ruled..theyre fight against the russians are over 150 years old,so its NOT a new conflict,it was crushed under stalin but re emerged when the balic nations,kazakhstan,turkmenistan,azerbajjan etc became independent...why doesnt russia allow them to be free when they already have lost an empire?because of the oil in the area,why doesnt USA support their struggle who supported the downfall of soviet union?because its much easier to work with russia in this area than a taliban like goverment...all ready usa have invested million of dollars in the area in order to have access to its undeveloped oilrich areas don`t talk about things you don`t understand ....the islamist groups are reaktionary I agree about that,but they are no worse than the imperialist states who controll the world today....

            [This message has been edited by sabah (edited September 22, 1999).]


              Folks... Two points I wanna make here..
              First is that terrorrism( any aggressive activity where univolved ppl get hurt) is wrong...No matter who does it..(not to mention the fact that any solution involvong injury to even the involved parties is less then ideal)..
              Second is that, atleast other nations are safeguarding the interests of their ppl, while pakistan is doing this out of a confused sense of identity . I am afriad that if we will distance ourselves from supporting terrorism, we wouldnt know what to do...Improvement in Living conditions doesnt seem to be any ones agenda here... We dont have a direction or goal as a we are split up along various ideological lines, doing our random things...Basic issues are being neglected in the process...