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Pakistan's single most obsession.

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    Pakistan's single most obsession.

    Pakistan's single most obsession.

    Like all meetings in the past , Pakistan will use the UN meeting once again to try and draw international attention to the Kashmir dispute.

    Speaking before his departure to New York, Mr
    Aziz re-stated the Pakistani
    position: no meaningful
    negotiations can take place
    with India until this issue has
    been resolved.

    The Pakistani foreign
    minister will reiterate his
    country's concerns over
    India's nuclear doctrine which
    advocates the development of
    land, sea and air based
    nuclear weapons.

    Mr Aziz will no doubt give his
    wholehearted support to a delegation
    of Hurriyat leaders from
    Indian-administered Kashmir who will
    be lobbying for a referendum to be
    held in Kashmir similar to the vote
    that was recently held in East Timor.

    India for its part will be equally eager to keep up the
    diplomatic pressure on Pakistan since the end of the
    fighting in Kargil.

    Many commentators agree
    that Delhi won the
    propaganda battle between
    the two countries during the
    Kargil conflict.