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India will crush Laden’s terrorist plans: Advani

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    India will crush Laden’s terrorist plans: Advani

    Bhubaneswar, September 19: The government on Sunday said Saudi-born Osama bin Ladens threat to launch a jehad and promote religious terrorism in India will be crushed with the same firmness as the country drove back Pakistani aggressors from Kargil.

    Ladens threat was yet another instance of religious terrorism and an attempt to disturb the democratic process in India as also communal peace in the country, Union Home Minister L K Advani said here. Terrorist organisations and their foreign patrons are mistaken if they think that India is a soft state that will be deterred by their violent threats and acts, he said. Ladens call also contained a threat to disrupt elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the Home Minister added.

    This has come in the wake of stepped-up attacks by ISI-backed terrorist organisations on Indian security forces and citizens after Pakistans humiliating defeat in Kargil, he said adding the war in Kargil is over but Pakistans proxy war against India is continuing.

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      Advani talks to much ****, he should shut his big mouth. At least Bin Laden has the courage to fight for something he truly believes in. And Bin Laden's revolution is based on feelings of love. Afghanistan isn't even his soil and he's was willing to sacrifice his life to liberate it from aggressors. To save the lives of millions of children and women. Advani the coward shouting and inciting illiterate extremists to tear down a Mosque, a place of worship. What a *****! His feelings are based on hate.


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        Yes Bin Laden has the courage to fight for something he truly belives in, what kind of courage has he; he is talking from underground and he like a Mr. Advani has the courage to talk of taking stern action against bin laden in front of everybody, he is not hiding and talking he is talking in the open.

        A person of Bin Laden calibre, who is half dead how can he sacrifice his life for the liberation of Afghanistan and what does he knows of love; love is not bullet and bombs.

        If Advani gets another chance he will tear off Pakistan like the Babri Mosque, Advani is coming be ready to get royally. Pakistani leaders nor Bin Laden does not have the potential of being a leader like Advani, Pakistani leaders and Bin Laden can only talk but Advani can talk and do you have seen the Babri Mosque and the Kargil for example.

        Bin Laden you are choked first from US, now the USSR and the indian intellegence will not allow you to breathe. Your only way to get some relief is go back to Saudi. Afghanistan (Masood) will also royally.

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          Advani is obviously jealous of Bin Laden. He wanted to be remebered as "the terrorist" the world has seen, now Bin Laden has upstaged him. What a pity? ADVANI IS TRULY A PATHETIC FIGURE, JUST LIKE THE REST OF HIS GOVT.


            I don`t like terrorists like advani or bin laden and I don`t like their asslickers either