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Fatwa to kill those who oppose Islamic law

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    Fatwa to kill those who oppose Islamic law


    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - An Islamic cleric has called for the killing of legislators who oppose Islamic law in Pakistan, generating outrage Thursday from opposition politicians and the Christian community.

    Maulana Ajmal Qadri, the leader of a breakaway faction of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam, or Party of Islamic Clerics, issued a religious edict earlier this week saying lawmakers opposing a constitutional amendment to impose Islamic law here deserve to die.

    Though not uncommon in Pakistan, the edicts, called fatwas, are rarely ignored because of the number of militant Islamic groups here and the hundreds of people who have died in religiously motivated killings in recent years.

    Qadri's party, though not large, has a radical following that might be willing to carry out his order.

    The constitutional amendment calls for the federal government to base laws on the Koran and to use the Islamic holy book to define right and wrong.

    Punishments for violators could include the amputation of hands and feet for thieves, stoning for adulterers, executions for killers and public beatings for lesser criminals.

    Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said the amendment would give Pakistan a government like that of neighboring Afghanistan, where the Taliban militia enforces a harsh form of Islamic law.

    The amendment was passed last year by Parliament's lower house, where Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has a two-thirds majority.

    However, resistance from the Senate, where the opposition holds the majority, has prevented the amendment's adoption.

    Since its creation as a homeland for Muslims on the Asian subcontinent in 1947, Pakistan's religious right wing has demanded rigid adherence to Islamic law.

    Analysts say the Taliban's success in neighboring Afghanistan has emboldened Islamic parties in Pakistan, where a fledgling democracy has been battered by relentless corruption, high unemployment and backbreaking poverty.

    On Thursday, Pakistani opposition politicians and the Christian community accused the government of colluding with Qadri.

    Aitzaz Ahsan, a senator from Ms. Bhutto's Party, said the government's silence was an endorsement of Qadri's fatwa.

    ``This is the saddest day in the history of Parliament,'' the independent daily newspaper The News quoted Ahsan as saying. ``Never before has a government endorsed and supported a statement that Parliament be compelled to vote ... under threat of bloodshed.''

    The leader of the Christian Liberation Front, Shahbaz Bhatti, said the amendment ``is tantamount to genocide of religious minorities, women, pro-democracy forces and broad-minded people of the country.''

    ``How can the government guarantee protection to its citizens if it patronizes terrorism, lawlessness and fatwas of death?'' he asked.

    Sharif's government says its form of Islamic law would be liberal.

    His critics say the amendment gives the federal government vast power to make laws and establish codes for social behavior in accordance with its interpretation of Islam.

    Pakistan should send all Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Ahmadiyyas and Parsis to India and in return should take equal number of Muslims in Pakistan. That will make Pakistan a 100% Muslim country. Then no one will oppose to Islam, Islamic, ban of alcohol,pork etc, Sharia etc.

    if this suggestion is made I dont think India will object to take all Kafirs to their land. And Hindus, Parsis, Christians and Ahmaddiyas would be glad to go to India.


      they are free to go anywhere they want. No body is holding them back in Pakistan and no one is begging them to stay....50 yrs back, millions of Muslims did migrate from india to Pakistan, so if non-muslims feel grieved in Pakistan, they should move their a$$e$ where ever they whining about it!


        We would like to take back all the people who feel discriminated in Pakistan. That does not mean we give equal no. of people back. But if the moslems in India want to do the same mistake their forefathers did a generation ago then God only can save them.


          what are you going to do about the people in India who 'feel discriminated' but since are not muslims cann't be sent to Pakistan? Are you going to kill them or throw them in hind maha saagar?


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            Dear Mohabbat,

            I like your Suggestion of sending all non-Muslims to India. I think it will be wonderful. I know India has a big heart to take anyone who might want to go there. The idea of Muslims from India to Pakistan is not a good one. I don’t think they will ever want to go there. There are some Biharis still stranded in Bangladesh which Pakistan has done nothing to bring to Pakistan. So first please solve that problem. Thank you. Other than that I totally agree with your assessment. Good job.


              I think it is high time that these third class clerics are put in their place. What they cannot acheive through the ballot paper they try to acheive by their stupid and silly actions. They are dispicable and should be held in the highest contempt possible. Perhaps we should export all of them either to Afghanistan or India. May God rid Pakistan of these mullahs. They are the biggest curse not only on Pakistan but all of humanity.


                Dear Ehsan,

                Under normal circumstances, I will say "Aameen sum Aameen". But why make poor Afghans and Indians suffer for our mistakes. Let’s just keep them here, and make sure that they don’t get into power. We can do that by telling them what to do with their Fatwas!


                  Pakistan is the biggest exporter of Mullahs. The biggest export from Pakistan is Mullahs and drugs. Almost 500 to 1000 students go to Saudi Arabia to study in Medina University and are graduates of Islam and then they go to far off places.

                  Islamic seminaries is what Pakistan is famous for. Thousands of Islamic militants from as far as Chechnya. Dagestan, Sudan, Phillipines come to these madarssahs located in Pakistan to fight JIHAD in China, Phillipines, Chechnya, Palestine, India, Bangladesh.


                    Loog tang aah kar mooat ki dua mangtey hian...dua kartey hian yahan se to kaber he achi hia sakoon ki jaga(as they think) magar wahan ja ke be aram na aya to keya karoo gay...point is Ok you dont get equal rights in pakistan...what if you go to india and same treatment...then what...if there was islamic LAW in pakistan no non-muslims would will be paying jizya but you wont leave pakistan...NO racism in only exist in Non-islamic society...


                    Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                      The Muslims from India are not eager to come to Pakistan because they know what will be their fate, they are enjoying every bit of their life in India and in Pakistan they will have to carry guns for the ISI agents.


                        Hindus don't seem to be overtly upset about being in Pakistan. They even have a web-site (seem pretty happy to me):

                        Why is it that you automatically assume that non-Muslims will oppose Islamic law and hence be killed under this obscure fatwa. Not all Muslims want Islamic law. Should they also be moved to India where they can live in peace with Hindus, the way other Muslims are living in India, the way the Sikh minorities are living in India, or maybe the Tamils?

                        Come on, neither country has an exemplary record when it comes to its minorities. But hey neither does the US (look at the African Americans) or Canada (look at First Nations or even the Japanese during WW2).

                        This post has nothing to do with minorities anyways. This fatwa is obviously ridiculous. But whats even more ridiculous is the way many of you have jumped to stereo-type Muslims and their laws as intolerant towards minorities. Once again showing your ignorance and lack of knowledge. Speaking with your emotions rather than your head. Figures we'll never get along.



                          asalaam o alaykum to all Muslims!

                          First of all I wish to clarify that I am not a subscriber to *ANY* Moulana, and as someone said here that Pakistan is biggest exporter of Moulana and drugs is also not far fetched. Iqbal once said

                          Koum kiya cheez hay koumoun ki hakeekat kiya hai
                          Is ko kiya samjhain baicharay dou rakat kay Imam

                          So it does not bother me atall when one get angry at them. But what pisses me off so much is that when people make embarrassing statements (based upon thier poor knowledge of Islam and blind adherence to the Western Laws). For Qura~n says:

                          "Speak fair to the people." (2:83)

                          It also says

                          "Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fiar exhortation." (16:125)

                          We all know that Pakistan was obtained on the basis of religion. 52 years have passed and we have still not seen any implementation of Islamic laws and this is the main reason why it has lost its prestige and sanctity in intellegentia like you. We should consider ourselves lucky that Islam, whose doctrine is in prefect harmony with science, reason and reflection must be our way of Life. But such concepts can truely be understood by those who possess knowledge of science, who are men of reasoning and men of reflections. Allah says

                          "We detail our revelations for people who have KNOWLEDGE." (9:11)

                          It also reads

                          "Thus We display the revelations for people who have SENSE." (30:28)

                          and at another place

                          "Thus We do expound the revelations for people who REFLECT." (10:24)

                          So my dear friends, before emptying your mouth, you must chew your words.


                            The discussion is on “fatwas”. In reality, Fatwa is issued when Mullahs’ ‘own’ interests are threatened. Afghanistan is a great example of such a place. Many decrees have come out of Afghan Mullah regarding women and their place in Islamic society. No Afghan Mullah has said a thing about cultivation of poppy in Afghanistan. Afghanistan produced 460K tons of poppy in 1998 (almost twice as its nearest competitive – Myanamar, making Afghanistan #1 in the world). All of poppy cultivation areas are under Taliban Rule. This poppy is used in Herion production which is then smuggled to Europe and the US (as well as in Muslim countries, e.g., Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Arab Gulf States) and that’s where hundreds of thousands of kids become addicted and eventually die. No Mullah has ever said that Poppy cultivation is ‘un-islamic’. Why don’t they issue a Fatwa like that? They probaly think that it is OK for kids to die by using drugs. (It finances their rule also!)

                            India has a far better record of human rights for minorities than any Muslim country. For one, there is not a single Muslim country with any significant minority population, Malaysia is the only exception.

                            What is more sickening is the “state of Denial” that some have towards accepting that there is anything possibly wrong with Pakistan or Islam. Their eyes are shut blind (conveniently) and instead of taking blame for some of the problems, they look for scapegoats. India and USA make good scapegoats for Pakistanis.

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                              Earlier msaqibj had a brilliant discovery that 300000 soldiers are troubling Tamils in India and now Achtung has started being concerned with Tamils (besides usual concern for Muslims and Sikhs while asseerting that ninorities in Pak are perfectly happy. let us hope they are, am waiting to see a minority home minister/chief miniter/supreme court justice in pakistan. ) I wonder if Achtung knows where Tamils live. You see, how much intellectual damage can a short visit (3-month) to Pakistan can do. That was why I suggested Achtung that he could as wel l visit India a bit now that he is going to subcontinent, and with Canadian passport, it is easy, so that remarks could be less ignorant.