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Only a nationalist government can deal with Laden’s threat: BJP

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    Only a nationalist government can deal with Laden’s threat: BJP

    New Delhi, September 18: The BJP on Saturday said only a strong nationalist government at the Centre will be able to deal with the reported threat of jehad against India issued by Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden from his base in Afghanistan.

    Laden is an enemy of democracy and acting against the tenets of all religions. The manner in which he has sought help from Pakistan should make world powers see the true face of Pakistan, party spokesperson Sushma Swaraj told reporters here. She said it is because of determination of the Vajpayee government and security forces that efforts by Islamic terrorist organisations to disrupt elections in Kashmir with the full backing of Pakistan have not succeeded. She said there was a host of evidence to testify to the determination of Pakistan and Pakistan-sponsored Islamic terrorist organisations to disrupt the poll process and kill people in India. The country must awaken to the nature and enormity of this threat, she said adding that money was being raised for various terrorist groups in the name of Islam.

    Attacking the Congress, Swaraj said it was the short-sightedness and perverse strategies of Congress over the last 15 years which have given strength to terrorist organisations right across the country and also emboldened terrorist organisations abroad. She said that a government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which is suffused with nationalism can attend to national interest without any impediments.

    Looks like India is trying to get in bed with the US, by concocting this story about Bin Laden. Or perhaps they concocted this story together.

    US has already sent support to Masood to fight the Taliban. The Taliban of course are protecting Bin Laden. Oddly enough the Taliban were ready to kill him when they took Jalalabad a few years ago. He ran into the mountains fleeing. Ironiclly he now seeks refuge with the Taliban.

    India looks like its trying to play some kind of political game - as if Osama is that dangerous. The media has made him into what he is, he was scapegoated by the US governent, wasn't given a fair trial and was bombed. For all we know he may be dead.