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    Police In India

    Case IND 010999

    The International Secretariat of OMCT requests your intervention in the
    following situation in India.

    Brief description of the situation

    The International Secretariat of OMCT has been informed of the use of
    violence by the police leading to the death by drowning of 17 people in
    the Tiruneveli district, State of Tamil Nadu, India.

    According to People's Watch Tamil Nadu, member of the OMCT
    network, on 7 June 1999, workers of Manjolai Tea Estate gathered in
    front of the District Collector's office at Tiruneveli to protest against their
    working conditions. Subsequently, 652 participants were arrested and
    detained at Tiruchi Central Jail. They were released on 27 July 1999.

    Before their release, on 23 July 1999, a multiparty rally was organised,
    demanding the release of these workers and an appropriate solution to
    the dispute. According to the information, the police used tear gas and
    opened fire on the crowd. To protect themselves, people jumped in the
    river, and those trying to come out were beaten by the police and pushed
    back into the river. Subsequently, on 27 July 1999, 17 bodies were
    reported to have been retrieved from the river.

    Some of the leading women who managed to come out of the river were
    taken to the Police Station, where they were beaten, stripped naked and
    harassed before being released late in the evening of the 23th of July.

    Actions requested

    Please write to the Indian authorities urging them to

    i. guarantee an impartial and exhaustive inquiry into the
    aforementioned incidents, identify those responsible, bring
    them to trial, and apply the penal, civil, and/or administrative
    sanctions provided by law;

    ii. provide immediate and adequate reparation to the families of the
    dead people and to the women above-reported as well as free
    and adequate medical care;

    iii. take all adequate measures to guarantee the non-repetition of these
    human rights violations;

    iv. guarantee the respect of human rights and fundamental
    freedoms throughout the country in accordance with national
    laws and international human rights standards.


    Mr. K. R. Narayanan, President of India, Office of the President,
    Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi 110 004, India.
    Fax+ 91 11 301 7290.

    Minister of Home Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block, New
    Delhi 110 001, India.
    Fax+ 91 11 301 5750.

    Minister of Defence, Ministry of Defence, South Block, New Delhi 110
    001, India.
    Fax+ 91 11 301 5403.

    Geneva, 10 September 1999
    Kindly inform us of any action undertaken quoting the code of this
    appeal in your reply.

    I must say I'm touched by your concern for poor indians in tirunelveli, even though you've never heard of the place and have no idea what language people speak there. But why go all the way to Tirunelveli to display your concern against brutal police actions? Isn't Karachi near enough? Men are getting butchered not by terrorists, but by govt paid policemen. Maybe you should take a look.....
    Simple ain't easy.


      Btw, you got the spelling wrong as well, it's not "tiruneveli", its "tirunelveli".
      Simple ain't easy.


        I think we shouldn't let the matter to rest if the article speaks the truth. Just because a Paki is raising this matter does not mean we should let the matter go. I know from my experiences that the police (majority of them except for a few ) are corrupt and brutal in India. The only language they speak of is money. It does not matter what starta of society you belong too. If U have money you can roll over them or it is vice versa.


          a goood point made Mr yetanotherindian!
          The thing with india and pakitan is thAT everything one says or does the pother quickly starts a negative response towards it...........and we blame each other for a lot of internal incedents taht happen.....i rekon if we are lokin for freindship between the 2 countries we should start with basic trust of each other


            Queer you should practice what you say and stop being hypocritical. In one of your previous postings where you were pointing out the poverty in Pakistan, I reminded you that it was the same on both sides of the border. You were quick to point out to me that I was going off the thread by talking about India when the thread was about Pakistan. What do you say about your reply now. PRATICE WHAT YOU SAY.


              Hello ehsan.

              I wasn't pointing out poverty in Pakistan, i was pointing out that Pakistan was wasting it's resources over Kargil by financing terrorists and ignoring the needy, you retaliated by saying the poor on the streets of bombay were worse off, which was clearly a departure from the topic, since india isn't financing cross border terrorism. Got it right now?
              Simple ain't easy.


                Nice try queer but you have missed the point. According to your own words I had departed form the thread. Now read your earlier reply to this thread. Sounds familiar. Got it?


                  No, didn't get anything. This thread, as far as i can make out, is about police action in india, and has been posted by a pakistani in a mocking manner. I've pointed out that he's made several mistakes and doesnt even know what he's defending or whom he's defending and if he wants to indeed speak against police injustices, he can do so about karachi police, that way he can be sure of what he's posting.
                  Simple ain't easy.


                    We obviously are not going to agree with one another and have been arguing with each other on two threads. Let's close this by agreeing to disagree with each other


                      IT`S UNBELIEVABLE!Everybody knows the police are a bunch of a******s,not just in india or pakistan but all over the world!They secure the excisting order by beating the hell out of the working people!And here you sit and defend your own police who dont give D##n about you ,a police who would have beaten you up(if you were poor),a police who demand money from you everytime your back home etc.etc...Get a life...


                        Thanx for pointing out the unlawful and brutal behaviour of police in india...
                        Thank god Paki police doesnt do any of that....
                        Your post really helped boost my very fragile ego , I needed that badly, specially after we made a complete ass of ourselves in Kargil..
                        I think you are on the right track..If we can prove Indians are bad...we must be the good ones...