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some article on bbc-about growth in asia

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    some article on bbc-about growth in asia

    India's economy is growing faster than expected, while that of Pakistan is doing less well.

    These are among the conclusions of the Asian Development Bank's latest Asian Development Outlook Update.

    The bank has issued a generally upbeat assessement of Asia's overall recovery from the economic crisis of two years ago.

    It predicts average growth of 5.5% both this year and next year across a vast region stretching from the Indian sub-continent to China and Indonesia - but not including Japan.

    That represents a significant improvement in growth prospects even compared with the bank's last assessment issued in April.

    More reforms needed

    The bank is particularly optimistic about India's economy, which is expected to expand by 7% this year and again in 2000.

    However, in a reference to the country's current general election campaign, the bank warns that India's next government must be willing to press on with a second generation of economic reforms if this higher level of growth is to be sustained.

    The Asian Development's Bank's upbeat view, though, does not appear to include Pakistan.

    In contrast to just about everywhere else in Asia, the bank has become less optimistic about growth prospects since its last assessment in April.

    The bank now expects Pakistan's economy to grow just 3.4% this year, with a further slide in growth to follow in 2000.

    Poor overtaxed

    Meanwhile, in a quite separate report, a respected independent think tank based in Pakistan has come up with some biting critisisms of the management of economic policy right across the South Asian region.

    In its 1999 Human Development in South Asia report, the Mahbub ul Haq Human Development centre critisises governments in India, Pakistan and nearby countries for inequalities and inefficiencies in the way economic resources are mobilised and allocated through the tax system.

    It says South Asian governments tend to collect their resources from those least able to pay and spend them on the most undeserving.

    The Islamabad-based organisation says the bulk of revenue is raised through indirect taxation making the poor pay relatively more than the rich.

    It also fiercely attacks high levels of military spending and the scale of corruption.

    The centre claims that studies have shown that India's growth rate would increase by 1.5% a year if corruption were to be reduced to Scandanavian levels.

    Why are Indians so keen to come on Pakistani Forums to tell us how well their economy is doing? No disrespect but when your beggars aren't filling every street in Mumbai, and your whores aren't selling their a$$es to every guy with a foreign passport in Goa then maybe you can come back and talk.

    Believe me, India is going nowhere fast and Asian Development Bank's with their own political agendas to push won't make any difference to that fact. You are right about one thing; Pakistan has to put it's house in order - but with it's own interests in mind, not in relation to India, America, or any world banking organisation run by jews for the benefit of others.


      Dear Mr. Xtreme,

      I think the article posted by Anant is views of the BBC hence a fairly accurate factual situation. We should always look to India for guidance and learn the magic of keeping a country secular in light of the fact that a large majority follows one faith. India is superior to Pakistan in every sense of the word.

      And why do you keep bringing beggars and prostitution into every discussion? There are a lot of Homeless people in the USA, does that mean that USA is a less developed country? There are hookers in every major city in the world and India is no exception. Prostitution is good. It should be legalized in Pakistan. They make honest living. You get what you pay for.

      Lastly, you always bring Jewish element into every discussion concerning financial welfare of a nation. Why? If Muslims of Pakistan were not so dumb to figure out how to raise capital (and other resources) from within, they wonít be taken for a ride by foreigners. It is the compulsive corruptness of Pakistanis that is keeping that nation where it is Ė with no regard for human life and no desire to change the status quo.



        Not superior in Cricket my lad!

        Prostitution is good? Oh how I wish I could be liberated an open minded as you! I think the prostitutes may beg to differ from your opinion.


          Ahmadi... we have gotten our homeland and good or bad we are taking care of it. As i recall... also no one agrees more, india has a bigger economy but its cos they have a zillion people. But we in Pakistan still have a better per capital income. No one in Pakistan dies of hungar and people arent dying cos of aids due to prostitution. And once we get rid of all of the traitors, indian immigrants and ahmadies and other imported crap, our economy will be even better.

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            nope, mundayya, per capita incomes of india and pakistan are almost equal now and if you look at purchase power parity, India is higher. This has to do with both low economic and high population growth in last decade in pak. even before economic growth had less to do with structure and more to do with funds from abroad. In Ayub khan era, lot of money came from US which stopped after 65 war. In afghan war times lot of money came from US. Also there were good remitances from gulf workers which have declined recently.

            india has its own share of problems, swelling budget deficit is major.


              Dear Mundyaa,

              What do my views have to do with Ahmadiya Community? If you donít have an argument to make, thatís understandable and it is OK. Your hatred of India and Immigrants and Ahmadis is exactly what is eating our nation. What is wrong in admitting what is wrong with our country? To solve any problem, one must define it first.

              Dear Camille,

              I am not very familiar with cricket, but what is such a big deal with a big boy hitting a ball with a bat. I mean come on. If that is what we can show to this world that we are really hung-over on our colonial traditions (cricket being one of them) then it would have been better had we still been part of the British empire. We should show the world what our own strengths are (if there are any) and not what we borrowed from the Colonial masters (Arabs and Muslim invaders included).


                I have realised one thing now. Had the Moslems who migrated to Pakistan had stayed in India they would be doing much better socially as well as financially, and would have much more respect than what they get back in Pakistan. Too bad it cannot be changed.


                  I don't think so, yetanotherindian. There was two type of migration. In punjab there was a complete forced migration of both communities. But from other parts of India most of muslims who migrated were rich and educated. They were able to get good jobs in Pakistan when they landed since Pakistan in that period had relatively fewer univ. and standard of education was lower than other provinces in united india (still the situation is somehow the same). These people would have faced higher competition in getting plum posts in India. That was one of reasons they were one of foremost in demanding Pakistan. So they got good jobs by going to Pak. But later local people of Pak started asking share in govt. jobs and quota system was invented and imposed.


                    ahmadi, i hate ppl who hate Pakistan. and i beleive u fall in that category. and i think if u define problems of ahmadies that will better suit u. Since you are narrow minded enough to put ahmadi in ur nick.

                    yetanotherindian... u have one muslim in ur cricket team who happens to be a captain. We the Pakistanies have 11 and we beat ur team around the clock. That means Pakistanies have a much better team. If there was no Pakistan, I dont think there would be any more muslims in the indian team. People in Pakistan have a higher per capital income and enjoy a better life than any indian has ever lived in india. So stop b.sing. The fact is india should have been divided into more independent countries so everyone could live a prosperous life.

                    A muslim can never be a prime minister in india... so i dont care what else they have or not till the day they die they will have to call an like vajpayee their pm. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

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                      mundyaa....check out the latest economic figures of the two countries ---- you'll be surprised who has the better living standard !! You'll also be very surprised to note how little Pakistan has progressed in the 90's. Economic issues should be the main concern of all South Asians.
                      You suggested than India should be broken into more pieces so that there'll be prosperity for all. I would suggest you break Pakistan up into more pieces so that those small regions can become economic superpowers like Bangladesh.

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                        You all must remember one thing...capitalism is a unstable system..Look at Indonesia or Japan today....These countries were the so callled miracles of living standards of Japan and Indonesia are going dramatically down....Look at the working class in USA.they were the richest working class for 20 years ago and now They are one of the poorest in the western world...people work in average 2 month more than in 1970`s, they earn less etc.The only way USA can hold people down is by Nationalism and racism ( divide and rule)...So if India is doing well today tomorrow they WON`T!There no such thing as everlasting economic growth in Capitalism..The only people who will suffer are the working people!It is time that you realize that and fight against your OWN ruling Classes and not with each other!STOP RACISM!WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!DETEST NATIONALISM IN EVERY FORM!