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    PLz explain!

    Ive noticed this forum seems to care a lot about whats happening in india....dunno why like half the posts are some-how related to india.No one seems to talk about u guys have asome sort of obsesion wid india?u hate it so much or u love it so much...i dont think its the latter to id go with the first.....i havent been to any indian forum that has such a high rate of posts about pakistan.

    Pauline Hanson

    oye u all ask anant what i meant

    never thought i would hear that again

    Pls Explain

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      and now we have discussion on racial politics from down under too! ;-) That's good for variety.
      Simple ain't easy.


        didnt think any1 here would recognise it!...!..! well anyway its like pauline hanson "catch phrase".....she says in that high pitched tone...and she speaks like they say speaking thru ur nose!(nhak se bholna)


          oh another one

          we are being swamped by asians

          god knows who told her to become a politician
          Full Frontal did wonders with her