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Indians in Pakistan

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    Indians in Pakistan

    Are Mohajirs Indians or Pakistanis? Are they are Indians living in Pakistan
    or Pakistanis with an Indian heritage. Are they still loyal to India?
    Yes, they do have fond memories of India of their birthplace or their ancestral

    These Indians have been rejected the day they migrated from India.
    Indian Muslims or Mohajirs had come from the place of a different
    mode of production, a different socio-economic set up and had a peculiar diction,
    gestures, behavioural patterns and perceptions. These made Indian Muslims or Mohajirs
    different from the rest of the people already living in Pakistan. Their living style
    was urban and their economic background was a thriving middle class which has
    historically been a threat to the forces of status quo."

    When Mohajirs or Indian Muslims arrived from India, the power barons became insecure because of the
    former's socio-economic and cultural superiority. The Indian Muslims also fell prey to a
    conscious or unconscious racial chauvinism in the ruling elite of the Punjab and not in its
    poor people.

    These Indian Muslims have no administrative infrastructure in the wake of feudal, tribal
    and rural influences on Pakistan's socio-political system. Many of these Mohajirs are rejecting the idea of Pakistan and are asking for "Jinnahpur" and have taken to violence against the state. The country's elite has suppressed this middle class
    and the origin of Pakistans middle class are Indian Muslims.

    WOW...tell me what is the difference between a paki muslim and so called muhajirs? WE ARE BROTHERS!!! Alots of muslims came from india when pakistan got independence, and most of them dont call them selves Muhajirs or indian muslims no more. This Muhajir thing is just used by political parties to gain some votes or support or radical leaders who want some independent state of thire own(which not gona happen) MUHAJIRS WERE 50 YEARS AGO, NOW THIRE CHILDERN ARE BORN IN PAKISTAN 1OR2 GENERATIONS PASSED, AND THEY ARE STILL CALLING THEM SELVES MUHAJIRS, IF THEY DONT WANA BE IN PAKISTAN, NO ONE IS FORCEING THEM TO BE! I dont think we should or any muslim should differenciate him self from other muslims because we are brothers and NO matter where we come from we have a bond which says that we are ONE. But if there was voice of ISLAM in our homes and in our leaders and countries we would have not differenciated between our selves. There is NO such thing as 'NATIONALISM' in ISLAM, it was introduce by british to us, and now look where we are, independence and joining of many European states is the result of Nationalism, it can join you but it can also rip you apart and make you enemies just like in the case of so called "Indian Muslims and Pakistani Muslims and Bangali Muslims and Irani muslims and list goes on and on..." We ought to be ashamed of our selves look what we have done!


    Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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      Why you came to Pak while so many other muslims chose to stay in India?

      Fata Morgana


        In 1947 more than 600,000 refugees from India from cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Calcutta, Gwalior, Bangalore, Calicut, Amrtisar speaking different languages like Urdu, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu , Gujarati etc. These Indians came to settle in Karachi, increasing its population by more than 161 percent; today these Indian migrants are recognised as the Mohajirs, the refugees, providing yet another unique feature of being the only group of citizens anywhere in the world who call themselves refugees while holding the national identity cards of a certain country. These Indian migrants replaced the local Sindhis and have formed the majority in Karachi. Today though Karachi is the major city in Sindh, we have Mohajirs, Punjabis, Baluchis, Bengalis, Gujaratis, Pathans and Afghans but no Sindhis. Sindhi culture has been wiped out of Karachi.



          where have you been?

          I have missed your anti-Pakistan posts. You and Sarwar only seem to contribute once in a while. I wish you would come here more often so we could get a dialogue going. What do you say?


            How long have u been living in the Unites States? I bet you hate it when someone calls you a Pakistani. I bet you are one of those who feel proud being an American. Well..u migrated to this country..and being called an American is ur right. Then why sir, should the so called muhajirs be called muhajirs when almost 90% of the current 'muhajirs' were born and raised in Pakistan. Its not like they started migrating from India just last year. These so called muhajirs have been in Pakistan since birth, and their parents have been here since 1947. So stop whining. There is no such thing as a muhajir qaumi movement. Its the biggest thorn in pakistan which has been threatening to dismantle Pakistan for the past 15 years now. Why doesnt Altaf Hussain have the guts to go back to Pakistan? He would prefer to be a British citizen of course. But in Pakistan, he will always be a muhajir. No matter where he is, hes just a traitor