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British MPs supports Pakistan's stand on Kashmir

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    British MPs supports Pakistan's stand on Kashmir

    The visiting British Parliamentarians have assured full support to the people of Kashmir in their struggle for right of self-determination. During the meeting held here with the AJK Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mahmud Chaudhry, they said the Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

    The British members of Parliament including Ch. Mohammad Sarwar, Marsha Singh, Gordon Prentice, Brian Iddon, Phil Woolas and Mrs, Anne Cryer said the Kashmiris should be associated with the process of talks on Kashmir issue. Speaking on the occasion, Sultan said Kashmiris have once again given their verdict against the unjust Indian rule by boycotting the sham polls in the occupied territory. They have reasserted that there is no substitute for plebiscite in Kashmir. He said the polling stations were deserted the election day, and not even 5% genuine voters turned up to vote.

    He urged the international community to pay their attention to solve the issue without further delay. He said the World body must take initiative for associating the Kashmiri representatives in the dialogue for seeking lasting solution of the lingering problem, which has endangered peace in South Asia. Barrister Sultan said the international community specially Great Britain should seek a role for itself in promoting and monitoring India-Pakistan dialogue that is purposeful and result oriented.

    He said during the recent Kargil conflict, it was Pakistan, who honoured the wishes of the international community by facilitating withdrawal from across the Line of Control despite tremendous pressure to the contrary from Kashmiris and from its own people.(APP).

    But the same things they have been saying for the last 52 years.

    Fata Morgana


      The Brits are Pakis Best Friends. They treat us so good that most rich Pakis dump their money in Britian rather than Pakiland.

      Brits have always supported Paki cause. After all they were our Masters and we were their slaves.


        The British Member of Parliament who have raised their concern over J&K are the MP who come to Pakistan and take the money out of the country, you Pakistani's why don't you understand that British MP are coming to Pakistan and delivering a speech and after that you people clap then the MP's go back taking money from Benazir Bhutto, Shamshad Ahmed, Faroque Leghari, Sartaj Aziz, Nawaz Sheriff etc to deposit to the individual account

        The Pakistani government is giving them some gift for talking against the Indian's you clap once again thinking that the MP's will fight for your cause, if they were the true people representing Pakistan in the UK Parliament where on earth are they for the last 52 years who can not even pass a resolution against India in the UK Parliament, they are taking money from you and sucking the indian ass.

        You another 52 years you will not exist on earth there will be no Pakistan on the world map, very soon there will be Afghanistan like situation in Pakistan and that the end of Pakistan.

        still there is time wake up and do not listen to the UK MP or Pakistani MP because they will finish all the resources from Pakistan and you will be left to survive on your destiny.

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          I think you should worry about your own country rather than ours. The support form the British MP's has obviously hurt your feelings, hence the rubbish you have written above, and it proves what I said before that India has started providing internet access to patients in mental hospitals.


            In India we have a great sense of understanding that's the very reason we have installed internet in the Mental hospital, that's why I call you idiots, if you had brains you would have understood that the internet connection is for the hospital staff

            Let me tell you one thing that in India we have internet connection in all the places including the pan shops your country has still to start in schools and about 99% of people in Pakistan still do not know what internet means, for them internet means One day international cricket match, educate your people then come and tell us what we have done in the mental hospital, you country is more than a mental hospital because most of your leaders are talking like a mental person be it the prime minister or the president or the MP.

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              Do you agree with me that Aman B****** is slightly deranged? Please tell me all your thoughts on this crazy character.

              Anyway, Pakistan is as you say, full of mentally ill people. With big bombs. And we are on your doorstep. Listen carefully and you can hear the bomb ticking;


              (Xtreme cackles insanely) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!


                If you are staniding with a bomb at our door step, is this bomb explodable because the bomb exploded by your scientist was a hoax, the world has said that the bomb had no enough power as mentioned by your sane government.

                You will stand at our doorstep with a bomb but we will be the one who will explode the bomb with out standing at your doorstep, you have experience of withdrawing so this time also you will withdraw from our doorstep otherwise you know the consequences.

                Shameless creatures !!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA