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Human Rights In Kashmire Part II

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    Human Rights In Kashmire Part II

    Another example of brave Hindu Jawans.

    The Killing of Ghulam Ahmed Bhat

    Ghulam Ahmed Bhat, eighteen, was killed by troops of the Seventh Battalion of the BSF on December 2 1, 1995.
    As a result of a childhood illness, Ghulam had been unable to hear or speak since he was four years old.

    At about 10OAM on December 2 1, Ghulam was standing in a lane in front of the house in Bulbulankar,
    Nawakadal, in Srinagar, along with his mother and a number of other people. The neighborhood was unusually
    crowded because a procession was planned in honor of Kurshid Ahmed Bhat, chief of the Al Jihad Force who was
    killed on December 17, 1995. " A crackdown was just beginning, and BSF troops from the Seventh Battallion,
    under Commander "Peter" Sharma, entered the neighborhood. Seeing the BSF soldiers running, Ghulam started to
    run and his mother ran after him to protect him.

    After running along a long, narrow lane, Ghulam stopped and tried to show the soldiers that he was deaf and dumb.
    Then he started running again. Ghulam's mother told Human Rights Watch/Asia:

    Three soldiers came after him, and one fired a machine gun burst, killing him. One soldier then kicked the
    body to make sure he was dead. I began crying, but the soldiers would not allow me to take Ghulam's body.
    About half an hour after he was shot, two or three BSF soldiers came to the area. One put a pistol on
    Ghulam's chest; and the other one put bullets in the pocket of his pheran. At 2:00pm, the crackdown was
    lifted, and the Jammu and Kashmir police arrived. They screamed at the BSF that the boy was not a militant
    and that they should not have killed him.

    The police took the body to the police station. At 5OPM, the body was brought home by neighbors. There was a
    bullet wound in the back of the head. At the time the body was handed over from police, the mother's brother,
    Mohammad Siddiq, was made to sign a blank paper. The next morning, two shopkeepers and a neighbor came to
    the mother's house and said they were coming on behalf of Commander "Peter" Sharma and said that he would pay
    her Rs. 200,000 not to bring a case against the BSF in court. She did not accept, and filed a case against the BSF.

    The Killing of Khurshid Ahmed Bhat

    Khurshid Ahmed Bhat, alias "Khalid Javeed," former head of Jihad Force, was killed after being taken into custody
    by BSF forces on December 18, 1995. At 9:30pm, a patrol party of several BSF vehicles came to the
    neighborhood of Butyar, in Srinagar. From his upstairs window, N. D. , a witness, saw BSF troops encircling the
    house of one of his neighbors. At 10:30 PM, they entered the house and N. D. heard cries coming from the house.
    N. D. told Human Rights Watch/Asia:

    The BSF brought my neighbor and his son out of the house and into the inner courtyard. They beat them and
    asked them where Javeed was. They said they did not know. One of the soldiers knocked the father to the
    ground, and when his wife came out and pleaded with the soldiers not to beat her husband and son, one
    soldier ripped off the top portion of her pheran and struck her on the chest. When the daughter came out the
    soldier did the same to her. At this point, Khurshid Ahmed Bhat walked out of the house. The soldiers
    immediately hit him with their rifles on his thighs and on the back of his head. Blood came out of his mouth.
    The soldiers then took hold of the daughter and told Khurshid to ""engage in nasty acts with her. " He refused
    and said "I am the man you want, that's it. "

    The soldiers put Bhat into a truck and drove away. They left at midnight. The next morning, BSF soldiers came to
    the area and fired shots into the air for more than half an hour, and then withdrew. Shortly after that, the Jammu and
    Kashmir police came and told the residents that a dead body had been found, and they needed someone to come
    and identify it. N. D. went with others from the neighborhood to see the body at the local police station. N. D.
    described the condition of the body:

    There was a lot of blood and several wounds on the forehead and nose, a cut in the mouth, wounds on the
    back and chest, cuts on the legs and arms, and a broken elbow.

    Human Rights Watch/Asia saw photographs of the body. There was a bullet wound in the forehead, a bullet wound
    on the nose and a large open wound on the back of the head. There were also scrapes and cuts on the chest and

    Sad! Pakistan sends in militants and the kashmiri locals get the blame. If you are concerned, then ask your country to stop supporting cross border terrorism.

    BTW, look at this excerpt from a report on HR in Kashmir. This is what the beloved soldiers of Allah are doing. Jihad? BS! Terrorism in the real sense of the word.

    Islamic terrorists demonstrated their savegery towards the local population when they assaulted a young handicapped girl at her residence. The girl was raped, dismembered and then her body burnt.
    And if the Armed forces take to torture for these terrorists, it is only poetic justice.
    Simple ain't easy.