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Why is Foreign investment in India so little?

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    Why is Foreign investment in India so little?

    Why is the Foreign investment in India so small as compared to countries like China, Malaysia , Indonesia. The following are the constraints for foreign Investments in India.
    In 52 years of independence India is one of the poorest, corrupt countries in the world.

    1) Lack of Government policy and vision.
    2) Lack of Infrastructure like transports and roads
    3) Non transperancy of Government administration
    4) Lack of vigorous planning for export growth
    5) Instability of political system
    6) Corrupt Economy
    7) Market Driven Economic system rather Government Controlled Economic system
    8) No product marketing and research
    9) Faulty management and Policy makers
    10) Limited Product growth and promotion
    11) No new Product or existing product control
    12) Meet To Need not Need To Meet policy
    13) Indian Attitude Life To Live not Life "For" Live

    Indians should stay away from religious fanaticism, linguistic differences, regional , caste differences and work towards a secular country with a strong economy. Being the world's largest democracy it should work on a stable political system with impartial judicial system. Build infrastructure, spend money on building good transportation, telecommunications. Increase tourism, open markets (insurance etc), increase exports. Give religious freedom, reduce human rights abuses.

    Else India would remain one of the poorest countries in the world.


    Look at your country (Pakistan) first and then ask this foolish question, either you are ignorant or a who does not know anything about India.

    In India we make from sewing needle to Super computer on our own we do not need any help from foreign country where as you need help in every thing you do not have the infrastructure to even make computers of a safety pin for which you rely entirely on china and America, you take weeks to respond to any of India's nuclear testing because once again the manual has to come to your china. After the nuclear test the pakistani government freezed the money of the people who were working abroad but when Indian government came out with an Indian Resurgent Bond it beat all the previous records and collected huge amount without even freezing anybody money.

    Don't count on what India is today count on what Pakistan is today, Pakistan is in a mess today and it does not know whether it will survive another six month with it economy going down the drain if the leaders of Pakistan can not take care, we indians are willing to buy Pakistan.

    We have everything from a to z we do not need any foreign investment, with our kind of economy growing day by day we will once again be the richest country in the world (INSHALLAH) we do not need the world but the world needs us, because of the infrastructure and the skilled manpower we have. Though we are under the USA sanction our economy has grown but Pakistan is in the urge or going down the drain.

    My advise to you is do not read the Pakistan news paper because it is misguiding the people of Pakistan, i swear.

    [This message has been edited by sabah (edited September 13, 1999).]