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How Jammu-Kashmir became part of India.

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    How Jammu-Kashmir became part of India.

    In 1948, the Pakistan civilian government was totally ignorant of the Kashmir invasion, planned by hoardes of lawless tribesmen of the NWF, who indulged in murder and looting as they moved into the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir was then not a part of India. Maharaja Hari Singh then ruler of Jammu Kashmir had not decided whether Kashmir would be independent or be part of India or Pakistan. Khurshid Anwar, an ex-army officer, who was killed in the operation, was supposed to be the main organiser of this operation. The tribesmen were assured that the Indian army was too ill-organised to offer any counter offensive, so they could fight their war of freedom without fear. No one remembered that frontier rebels do not fight wars of freedom on behalf of other people. They settle their tribal disputes through looting, murder and devastation.

    Seeing the wild Pathan tribesmen attack and loot Jammu Kashmir , Hari Singh decided to get help from India. He wanted India to counter attack the Pathan tribesmen. The Governor-General of India, Lord Mountbatten, lost no time in flying Indian troops to Kashmir, which had not acceded to India, to repel the tribal offensive. A civilian government was in office in Pakistan under Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. When the Indian army moved into Kashmir, the Quaid-i-Azam ordered the Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan army, General Douglas Gracey, to send Pakistan forces into Kashmir to confront the Indian army. General Gracey refused to carry out these orders because he was not willing to fight the Indian soldiers who were operating under the command of his senior, Lord Mountbatten. The British soldiers who had come to Pakistan with General Gracey threatened to resign if they were ordered to go to Kashmir.

    Maharaja Hari Singh decided to sign paper and join India. The Indians captured a large part of Jammu and Kashmir and the tribesmen were driven out in disgrace. Thus Jammu Kashmir became part of India. It was Pakistan's biggest mistake in attacking Kashmir which resulted in losing Kashmir forever.The myth of civilian supremacy in a matter relating to war was thus destroyed by an army man.

    It is futile to compare Kashmir with East Timor , now. The international community regards Kashmir as a bilateral dispute between India and Pakistan.

    Let me make some corrections. The fighters were not NWFP Mujahadins, they were Volunteers from differents areas because my relatives were there too. When Quaid-e-Azam ordered to send Pakistani Army and General Gracy refused to follow the order, Quaid-e-Azam when found out about that he ordered Gracy to leave the post but Unfortunatly he died before he could execute that ordered. When Liaquet Ali Khan Became the ruler, he refused to follow that order and stopped the war in Kashmire. That's why he was mudered by army later. I know these facts because I had relative involve in whole thing. When Liaquet Ali khan stopped the war, the Mujahadins were actually ready to take over Sirinager and that's why they were not happy of that ceasefire order.

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