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Pakistan blamed for Afghan, Kashmir and Dagestan conflicts.

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    Pakistan blamed for Afghan, Kashmir and Dagestan conflicts.

    Pakistan Blamed for Afghan, Kashmir, Uighur and Dagestan Fighting

    Pakistan came under unusually blunt criticism in the United Nations Security Council on Friday, accused of supporting Afghanistan's Taliban militia and Kashmiri militants and helping fuel its recent offensive with weapons and warriors.

    Russia has also accused Pakistan in helping Islamic rebels fight in Dagestan and Chechnya. Earlier China had raised the issue with Pakistan in helping Islamic rebels in Uighur province of China. Pakistan denies these allegations and says some Pakistanis may have crossed the border to fight on their own.

    The open council meeting was called to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, where a new Taliban offensive has forced more than 90,000 people to flee the Shomali and Panjshir Valley regions, Kieran Prendergast, the U.N. undersecretary-general for political affairs, told the council.

    Many of them left behind homes, crops and livestock that had been burned by the Taliban, he said. The militia was also separating male refugees from their wives and children, he said.

    Prendergast also cited Pakistan, saying Taliban units had been reinforced by an estimated 2,000 to 5,000 young students recruited from religious schools in Pakistan.

    The Pakistani ambassador lashed back at the accusations, saying his country has had to deal with the reality that its neighbor is controlled by the Taliban.

    Faced with stalled peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan's northern-based opposition, Prendergast suggested the council consider alternative ways of stopping the fighting.

    China called for an enforced arms embargo on all of Afghanistan . Russia to impose punitive sanctions against the Taliban, saying the move would further impoverish Afghanistan's long-suffering people.

    The Taliban control 90 percent of the country, ruling by a strict version of Islam. The Taliban have been blamed for committing serious human rights abuses throughout its territory, including mass executions of minorities and discrimination against women.

    The people/countries who blame Pak; what they are doing themselves? I don't think they saints either.

    Fata Morgana