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Helpless Pakistanis see Kashmiris Vote in India.

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    Helpless Pakistanis see Kashmiris Vote in India.

    It is very sad that the agents of Pakistan have failed to keep the people away from exercising their franchise in Jammu & Kashmir. In India, people are very happy to see the PTV channel and the way the news was said regarding the elections especially Jammu & Kashmir, frustration and anger was all that could be seen on the news readers, a few Pakistani agents (20-30 people holding pakistani flag) in POK were shown protesting elections in Jammu & kashmir but was reversed and shown that the protest was in India, very sad that pakistan has not learnt a lesson from India.

    My advise to all pakistanis is forget Kashmir which you will never get and stop the drama on PTV.

    By all accounts the turnout at the polling stations in Kashmir was extremly low, unless you want to ignore the world press and just read what is written in the Indian press. It is not Pakistan who is after Kashmir. It is the Kashmiris who want independence from India and independence is what they will acheive one day, regardless of the number of army you keep there.


      This is a propoganda by the Pakistani press that the turnout at the polling stations in Kashmir was extremly low.

      The agents of Pakistan like Yassen Malik, Lone, Omer, Syed Ali Shah Gilani are threatening the people with guns and asking them not to come out of the house to vote or else face death, under the threat by US even Pakistan Prime Minister withdrew from Kargil what can you expect from a lay man who is scared of life and who does not want to die for the sake of (Pakistan)

      Anyway, we Indians were happy to see people of Kashmir from all walks of life came and voted . They are the real Kashmiri people who knows they are safe and sound in the hands of India and will be slaves in the hand of Pakistan.


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        Sajjadm, or Aman B******, as seems likely,

        77% of the population of Kashmir did not vote. I hope your fanatical BJP party comes to power again so everyone can see with their own eyes just how twisted with hatred the public of Hindustan has become. For Kashmir to remain a part of India, Kashmiris will have to renounce Islam and accept Hindu supremacist policies of the BJP, VHP and Bal Thackeray. If Dilip Kumar can't live in peace without putting a bhinbhi on his forehead what chance have the rest of the minorities, including, Sikhs, Christians or whatever.

        Long may the mujahideen continue to infiltrate India and exact their revenge on the sick Hindu demagogues of Akhand Bharat.

        “And what is wrong with you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for those
        weak, ill treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is:
        Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for
        us from You one will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help,”

        (Surrah an Nisa: Verse 75)


          As you claim that 77% of the people did not vote, it was a propoganda by the Pakistani press to tell the world that the Kashmiris are against the Indian administration. But the fact is that the 77% of the people were forced by the militants not to come out of the house and vote and if they did so they the whole family will be killed. If they are the true representatives of the people of Kashmir let them not threaten the people keep quite and see what the result will be the pakistani agents will be and thrown out of the state.

          The good will over come the evil one fine day and will tell the world that they are fed up of Pakistan's false propoganda. The Pakistani agents have realized that they are being played by the ISI agents in the hands of the Pakistani Army.

          There will never be a day for the muslim country where they will win over the non muslim countries.

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            ok here are some confirmed figures...(on this election)
            15% voted in the srinagar area.
            the rate was low around kashmir vally but in kargil the rate was somewhat higher.....appparntly in ladakh the turn out was 60-70%~(as i can recall)


              What is wrong in 15% turnout? There was only 26% turnout in last elections in 97 in Pak. Does it mean that no Pakistani wants to live in Pak.


                What is wrong with a 15% turnout is that it clearly shows the contempt in which the Kashmiri people hold India and its democratic system. The turnout was low despite the intimidation by the h****** of the Indian army forcing these people to go to the voting booths.


                  Given that the average was 26% in Pak, there ,ust be many constiturencies with less than 15% voting, do all of them want to get out of pakiland.


                    I think you have got the wrong end of the stick. There is a difference between elections held in a free country be it India (except for Kashmir) or Pakistan and one held in an occupied territory (i.e. Kashmir), where the armed killers (Indian army) is posted in huge numbers.