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Sabah; Can you explain the over-zealous censorship?

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    Sabah; Can you explain the over-zealous censorship?

    No problems with most of your snip-snip work, but I was surprised to see one of my innocent observations get the chop.

    The polite young Indian gentleman known as Aman B who has rocked the forum with his rabid delusions, caught my attention so I asked in all innocence what the 'B' stood for. I hazarded a guess that his full name might be Aman Ba***rd which if you fill in the missing letters you might have the answer.

    Did you delete this because you couldn't work out the name? Here is what I thought the full name was (missing letters in bold font);

    Aman Barnard

    Anyway Aman has since corrected me and informed me he is Batty. Aman Batty.

    I am still scratching my head and wondering why you deleted my guess though. Isn't this taking things a bit too far? Keep up the good work anyway. In general you are doing a fine job!

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      it is a pity that sabah could not guess that it is Baranard which is such a common name among indians and had an other guess which would have been more appropriate for you. But maybe she though you found him to be part of your extended family and had same surname.

      But I did not understand ***'s in the name, what is that exactly to be ashamed of in the name barnard?

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        ZZ, I am amazed you have no knowledge of Indian society. Bernard is a very common name amongst Indians just like Batty .....Batty?. ..I am still laughing.. ...what is Batty?...did he mean Bhatti? In case he is Bhatti..then congrats to Xtreme...they might be long lost cousins...what a place for reunion

        ps: I have learned in the past few months that it is so much fun to read religion and politics forum here and skip on Dharma and Greg....

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          CM, note sarcasm, if u didn't.

          I thought I will just defend Aman since this guy has disappeared. maybe he joined some other discussion group.


            Just wanna say that Sabah did a good job censoring...My stuff got censored too but i guess when i look back, i kinda got carried away with some of the things i said... like Indians being cheepos and much much more...


              getting carried away is not good. But Khuda ganjay kou nakhin na day!!

              No seriously, I have been host to some internet sites and either I walk out or was kicked by the administration.

              where is free speech??


                Mr Xtreme
                Yes ’tukke lagana’ is not my best side
                I think politics can be discussed without using abusive/offensive and other bla bla words/statements you know the rules. Btw his name is Bhatti.

                >>In general you are doing a fine job! Thank you sir

                allstar jee Shukriya

                And since we are talking about it, as a member of this forum I think its not only immature but also pretty childish to try and lead a conversation by using all those #¤%# words. I really don’t enjoy editing or deleting your posts – It surprises me every time I see a whole group of people being led astray by only one person. Discussions like ‘Mere Abbu aap ke abbu se zeyadah bakhadur haiN’
                make me laugh, but hey that’s just a member’s opinion



                  I think you are getting carried away a bit. May be you used to work for the censors in Pakistan, but under free speech where is it offensive to call the indian army hijraas. Get your moderating duties into perspective and don't be over zealous.


                    Baat sirf utni karo jitni ka jawab sun sako


                      WOW. please explain. I still think you are over sniping a bit.As they say power corrupts and absolute power----- well you know



                        Tukke Lagana

                        What a fab phrase! I'd forgotten all about it! I wish I had used this for a nick now. It's mint!


                        Sorry I missed your insult because sadly Sabah erased it before I got back. Still, I'm sure it was very imaginative.

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