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Outlook Freedom Poll - Till Freedom Come for Kashmir

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    Outlook Freedom Poll - Till Freedom Come for Kashmir

    Here is the results of a poll taken by Researchers from India, in (occupied) Kashmir. The researchers were commissioned by Outlook magazine. Altogether 504 adults (337 men and 167 women) were interviewed in Srinagar, Sopore, Baramulla, Baandipora and Aantnang in September of 1995. The results were recently published (during the Kargil crisis) in Pakistan's newspaper - The News. Here are the results:

    Q)Do you feel that a solution to the Kashmir problem exists within the framework of the Indian constitution:

    Definitely not 77%
    Probably not 7%
    Probably 12 %
    Definately 2%
    Can't say 2%

    Q) What had been the level of human rights violations by Indian security forces?

    Low 1%
    Not so high 2%
    Quite high 6%
    Very high 90%
    Can't say 1%

    Q) Will a free and fair election now help in solving the problem?

    Definately not 80%
    Probably not 6%
    Probably 7%
    Definately 3%
    Can't say 4%

    Q) Which Kashmiri leader today do you feel will be able to bring about the quickest solution?

    Sabir Shah 37%
    Yasin Malik 13%
    S.S. Geelani 10%
    Salahuddin 4%
    Mirwaiz Farooq 4%
    None 19%
    Jointly 9%
    Can't say 4%

    Q) Do you approve of the gradual increase in Islamic fundamentalism in Kashmir ever since the militancy started peaking?

    Disapprove totally 66%
    Disapprove somewhat 4%
    Approve somewhat 19%
    Approve totally 2%
    Can't say 9%

    Q) Which option is favoured by Kashmiris?

    Independence 72%
    Merger with Pakistan 19%
    Pre-1953 status 4%
    Greater autonomy in India 3%
    Can't say 2%

    Q) Has Pakistan's inolvement harmed the movement?

    Totally disagree 61%
    Disagree somewhat 3%
    Agree somewhat 26%
    Agree totally 5%
    Can't say 5%

    Q) Has the Hurriyat been succesful in coordinating the activities of various militant outfits?

    Yes 46%
    No 46%
    Can't say 8%

    Q) Given that some consider kidnapping unIslamic, do you feel it is a legitimate weapon for the militants?

    Yes 35%
    No 59%
    Can't say 6%

    Q) What in your opinion is the single most important reason for the rise in militancy in Kashmir?

    Desire for Independence 30%
    Unemployment 23%
    Corrupt administration 19%
    Denial of self determination 15%
    Rigged elections 8%
    Human rights violations 5%


    "The question fo the future status of Kashmir vis-a-vis her neighbours and the world at large, and a further question, namely, wheter sh should withdraw from her accession to India, and either acced to Pakistan or remain independent, with a right to claim admission as a Member of the United Nations - all this we have recgnised to be a matter for unfettered decision by the people of Kashmir, after normal life is restored to them."
    Gopala Swami Ayanger (leader of Indian delegation) in the 227th meeting of UN security council (Jan.15, 1948), recognising the rights of Kashmiri people.

    Amazing thing is that although they are bombarded with Indian propaganda, Kashmiris have wholeheartedly rejected citizenship of Akhand Bharat (Greater India). Still, the propaganda blitz has had some effect. 10 years ago Indian Kashmiris wanted to unite with their muslim brethren in Pakistan. This dream has been replaced by an insidious movement to create a much weaker independent Kashmir. Still, one step at a time.


      May be the poll is fabricated...May be they want to join Pak.


        Can you please also put forth the research carried out ten years ago?
        the one you just mentioned..


          Mr Insignificance,

          Welcome back. I'm sorry what was your question? It seems to have slipped my mind...


            i could foresee that